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Chapter 33. – The preparation for the flight to Egypt. The provisions of the Lord. Joseph discusses with Cornelius.

33,1. During this night, an angel appeared in a dream to Joseph as well as to Mary, and spoke:

33,2. "Joseph! Sell the treasure and buy yourself some pack animals; for you and your family must flee to Egypt!

33,3. See, Herod has erupted in fury because he was deceived by the wise men and has resolved to kill all the children from one to twelve years of age!

33,4. The wise men were to inform him where the new King had been born, so that he could have sent his thugs to kill the Child, who is the new King.

33,5. We angels of heaven were instructed by the Lord, before He came on earth, to keep a most attentive watch over you and guard your safety!

33,6. Hence I have now come to you to tell you what Herod will do, since he cannot be certain that he can seize the One.

33,7. The captain himself must pay his dues to Herod, if he does not want to be betrayed by him to the emperor; therefore you shall start your journey tomorrow itself!

33,8. You can also inform the captain about this, and he will help you with your prompt departure! – So let this be done in the name of Him, who lives and suckles on Mary's breast!"

33,9. Here Joseph awoke, as also did Mary, who immediately called Joseph in a frightened voice and then narrated her dream to him.

33,10. At that moment, Joseph saw the angel's face in Mary's narration and said: "Mary, do not worry, before noon we will be on our way over the mountains - and in seven days in Egypt!

33,11. As dawn is already coming now, I will go out at once and make preparations for a quick departure."

33,12. Joseph went with the three eldest sons, took the treasure and carried it to a money-changer, who bought up everything for a fair price.

33,13. Afterwards, led by a servant of the money-changer, Joseph went to a trader in pack animals, and immediately bought six mules and returned well-equipped to the cave.

33,14. There, the captain already awaited him and immediately related to him the most atrocious and despicable news that he had received from Jerusalem.

33,15. Joseph, however, did not wonder at the Captain's narration, but spoke in a tone which revealed his faith in God:

33,16. "Honoured friend! What you tell me now, all that and many more details of Herod's decision, has been revealed to me last night by the Lord, just as I had foretold you yesterday!

33,17. See, you yourself have to pay tribute to him; for he wants all the children from a few weeks up to twelve years, in and around Bethlehem and in the city, be strangulated, so that he can also get my child!

33,18. Therefore I must flee from here today itself, and go wherever the Lord leads me to escape Herod's atrocity.

33,19. So I request you to show me a safe route to Sidon; for I must leave in one hour!"

33,20. As the captain heard this, he became most angry about Herod and swore indefatigable vengeance against him, saying:

33,21. "Joseph, I swear by the daybreak and the sun in the horizon, I swear by your God that is living, I swear as a noble patrician from Rome that I would rather be crucified, than allow this ruthless tyrant to commit such atrocity with impunity!

33,22. I will lead you over the mountains myself under adequate cover; and when I know you are in safety, I will hastily return and quickly send a messenger to Rome, who will inform the emperor of all that Herod is planning to do.

33,23. I will do everything I can think of to thwart the plan of that monster."

33,24. And Joseph replied: "Good and honourable friend! If you can do something, then at least protect the children between three and twelve years! This will be within your power!

33,25. But you will not have the power to protect the infants from the time of birth until their second year!

33,26. You will be able to offer protection to the older children not by force, but only by wisdom!

33,27. The Lord will guide you in this wisdom! Therefore do not think too much about what you will do; for the Lord will guide you in secret!"

33,28. The captain spoke: "No, no, the blood of children will not flow; I would rather use military force!"

33,29. Joseph spoke: "See, what can you do, now that Herod leaves Jerusalem with an entire Roman legion – will you enter into battle against your own forces? – Hence act according to the Lord's guidance, so that you can, in an amicable way, save the three-to twelve-year-old children!"– Thereupon the captain gave in to Joseph.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-33 Chapter