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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-38 Chapter

Chapter 38. – Cyrenius' pagan suggestion to bring the Infant Prodigy to the imperial court in Rome. Joseph's fine response with reference to the Lord's humbleness. Prophetic words of the spiritual sun of life.

38,1. In this blessed mood, Cyrenius spoke to Joseph: "Listen to me further, you great man! – If I were now the emperor of Rome, I would cede the throne and the emperor's crown to you!

38,2. And if the emperor Augustus knew about this, as I now do, – for this Child, he would do the same! For even though he thinks highly of himself as the most powerful emperor on earth, I also know that he places, far above himself, a much higher value on everything divine.

38,3. If you wish, I can write to the emperor and assure you in advance, that he will allow you to go to Rome with the greatest honour and build the greatest and most magnificent temple for the Child, as an unambiguous Son of the Highest God!

38,4. And he will elevate Him in the temple ad infinitum and throw himself at the feet of the Lord, whom the elements and all the gods obey!

38,5. That such is the case with the Child, is something I have been convinced of twice, for not even Jupiter can protect himself from Him and no ore can survive His power!

38,6. As I said earlier, if you wish, I will send a messenger to Rome today itself! – In truth, this would create a boundless sensation and will somewhat disparage the proud clergy, who, in any event, does not know anymore how to expediently cheat and deceive mankind!"

38,7. Joseph said to Cyrenius in reply: "Dear, good friend! – Do you really think that the honour of Rome is of any consequence to Him, whom the sun, moon, stars and all the earthly elements have to obey!

38,8. If He had wished to be honoured as an idol by the whole world, then He would have descended upon earth in all His eternal and infinite divine majesty! – Thereby the whole world could also have been destroyed!

38,9. He has instead chosen the humbleness of the world, so as to fill it with bliss, as is written in the Book of Prophets; and so forget about the messenger to Rome!

38,10. If you wish to see Rome destroyed, then do as you like! – For look, He has come for the fall of the world's great and powerful, and to redeem those who are wretched, to be a consolation to those who are unhappy and to resurrect those who are dead!

38,11. I steadfastly believe this in my heart, – but have only revealed my belief to you; no one else will hear this from me!

38,12. It will be well if you keep these words as the most sacred within your heart until the time, that a new sun of life rises in you!"

38,13. These words pierced Cyrenius' heart as arrows and completely convinced him, to the extent that he was immediately ready to give up all his prestige and become humble.

38,14. However, Joseph said to him: "Friend! Friend! – Remain as you are; for the power in the hands of persons of your type is a blessing of God to the people! – For look, what you are is determined neither by you, nor by Rome, but solely by God! Therefore remain as you are!" – And Cyrenius praised the unknown God and then sat at the table and ate and drank in happy spirits with Joseph and Mary.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-38 Chapter