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Chapter 49. – The effect of the second letter. The arrival of Herod and the governor in Tyre. The reception by Cyrenius. The excitement of the frightened people. Maronius Pilla in front of Cyrenius.

49,1. Eventually this letter of Cyrenius instilled tremendously fear in the governor of Jerusalem as well as in Herod.

49,2. Therefore Herod and the governor, named Maronius Pilla, quickly made their way to Cyrenius.

49,3. Herod, in order to bargain about his fine, and the governor to back his post.

49,4. When they arrived with their big entourage, the people were horrified, for they thought that Herod would carry out his cruelties here as well with the agreement of Cyrenius.

49,5. Hence they ran to him and, out of breath, begged and cried for mercy and compassion!

49,6. Initially, Cyrenius was appalled at this, for he did not understand the reason,

49,7. but then collected himself and asked the people what was wrong, what had happened that made them cry before him in desperation.

49,8. And the people cried out: "He is there, he is there, the most cruel of the cruel, who has killed thousands of innocent children all over Palestine!!!" – – –

49,9. Only then did Cyrenius grasp the cause of their fear, and consoled them, whereupon the people calmed down and went away while he prepared himself to receive the pair.

49,10. The people had hardly left the residence of Cyrenius, when the two reported their arrival.

49,11. Herod was the first to appear before Cyrenius, bowed deeply before the imperial eminence and asked for permission to speak.

49,12. Cyrenius spoke very excitedly: "Speak, you, for whom hell is too good, to give you a name! – Speak, you most evil outcast from the lowest hell! – What do you want from me!?"

49,13. Herod turned pale from these thunderous words of Cyrenius, and spoke with a trembling voice: "Lord of the magnificence of Rome! – Too unaffordable is the fine dictated by you, therefore please release me from half of it!

49,14. For let Zeus be my witness, that what I have done, I have done full of just zeal for Rome!

49,15. I admit I have acted cruelly, but it was not possible otherwise, as the glittering Persian delegation had obviously prompted me to do so, by deceiving me and breaking their word!"

49,16. But Cyrenius spoke: "Come up with something better, you wicked liar to your own advantage! I know everything! Acknowledge the dictated penance at once or your head will be cut off from your trunk here on the spot!"

49,17. Now Herod acknowledged his penance and this under the threat of losing his letter of tenure, which was handed out to him again only after he had paid the penalty.

49,18. Cyrenius then told him to leave and summoned Maronius Pilla.

49,19. But he, having learned about Cyrenius' mood from the antechamber, stood before Cyrenius more dead than alive.

49,20. But Cyrenius spoke: "Pilla, get hold of yourself, for you were forced to do as you did! – You must give me important clues, that's why I called you! – No penance awaits you, except the one of your heart before God!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-49 Chapter