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Chapter 7. - Joseph's premonitions and prophecies. Mary's consolation. The blessed supper. The visibility of Mary's pregnancy.

7,1. Joseph was filled with lofty premonitions and spoke to Mary: "Child of the Lord! You have brought great joy into my house, and my soul is filled with lofty premonitions!

7,2. But I also know, that the Lord always painfully afflicts those whom He loves, so let us always beg Him to be ever-merciful and compassionate towards us!

7,3. It is even possible that the Lord wants to renew the decayed Ark of the Covenant through you and me?!

7,4. If something like this lies ahead, then woe betide me and you; it will be a very difficult task! – But let us not talk of it anymore!

7,5. Whatever has to come, will surely come, and we cannot prevent it; but when it comes, it will seize us with omnipotent hands, and we will tremble before the will of Him, who has set the foundations of the earth!"

7,6. Mary did not understand any of this and therefore comforted the distressed-looking Joseph with the words:

7,7. "Dear father Joseph! Do not be distressed about the Lord's will; because we know that He only wants the best for His children! – If the Lord is with us, as He was with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and as he always was with those who love Him, how can suffering and harm afflict us?"

7,8. Joseph was satisfied with this consolation and thanked the Lord in his heart with all his might, for giving him such a comforting angel in Mary, and said thereupon:

7,9. "Children, it is already late evening; so let us chant the hymn of praise, eat our supper and then retire for the night!"

7,10. And so they did. And Mary hastened and brought the bread, and Joseph distributed it; however all wondered as to how good the bread tasted this time.

7,11. Joseph said: "The Lord be praised! Whatever he blesses always tastes good and has the best flavour!"

7,12. And Mary remarked most affectionately to Joseph: "See, dear father, you should thus not fear the afflictions of the Lord; for they are also the most precious blessings!"

7,13. And Joseph spoke: "Yes, yes, you immaculate daughter of the Lord, you are right! I will most patiently bear whatever the Lord burdens me with; for He will not make the burden too heavy and too difficult for me, because He is after all a father full of goodness and mercy - even in His zeal! And may His holy will always be done!"

7,14. Thereupon the devout family retired for the night and worked at home during the following days. –

7,15. Mary's body, however, grew bigger every day; as she noticed this, she tried to hide her pregnancy from Joseph and his sons as much as she could.

7,16. After some time, however, it was not possible to hide it anymore, and Joseph began to be suspicious and secretly consulted with his friends in Nazareth about Mary's strange condition.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-7 Chapter