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Chapter 9. – Mary's narration of the mysterious holy occurrences. Joseph's distress and worry and his decision to secretly remove Mary. An angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in a dream. Mary remains in the house of Joseph.

9,1. And Mary told Joseph everything that occurred to her; what she encountered as she was still working on the purple, and then ended her story with this solemn declaration:

9,2. "That is why I say to you, father, once again: As God lives, the Lord of the heavens and earth lives, I am pure and do not know a man and I also know as little of God's mystery that I must carry under my heart, to my great anguish!" –

9,3. Here Joseph suddenly became silent and was extremely frightened; for Mary's words deeply pierced his troubled soul, and trembling, he got confirmation of his secret premonition!

9,4. He began to ponder to and fro as to what he should do, and spoke to himself:

9,5. "If I conceal her irrefutable transgression from the world, as it is now, even when I do not recognize it as a transgression, I will be considered an evildoer against the law of the Lord and will not escape a certain punishment!

9,6. If, on the other hand, I expose her as a consummate sinner before the sons of Israel, with what she is carrying under her heart, being - according to her unambiguous declaration - originating from an angel,

9,7. I will be considered by God as one who delivers innocent blood to the tribunal of death?!

9,8. What shall I do with her then? – Should I leave her secretly, i.e., should I secretly send her away from me and conceal her in the mountains near the Greek border? – Or shall I wait for the day of the Lord so that he will then tell me what I should do?

9,9. But if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow someone comes to me from Jerusalem and recognizes Mary, what then? – Yes, it would be best if I secretly send her away and take care of her secretly without anyone besides my children having any knowledge of this!

9,10. In time, the Lord will surely reveal her innocence, and then all would be salvaged and won; and may this happen in the name of the Lord!"

9,11. Thereupon Joseph told this in private to Mary, who acquiesced to Joseph's honourable intentions and prepared herself, and then proceeded to retire for the night, as it was already late evening.

9,12. Joseph sank under his multifarious thoughts in slumber; and behold, an angel appeared to him in a dream and spoke to him:

9,13. "Joseph, do not be anxious about Mary, the purest virgin of the Lord! – For that which she carries under her heart has been created by God's Holy Spirit, and when He is born, you shall name him Jesus!" –

9,14. At this point Joseph awoke from slumber and praised the Lord God that He had shown him such mercy.

9,15. However, as it was already morning, Mary came to Joseph ready for the intended journey and indicated to him it might be time to leave.

9,16. Joseph put his arms around the maiden, pressed her to his heart and spoke to her: "Mary, pure one, you will remain with me; for the Lord today gave me a powerful testimonial of you, for He who will be born shall be named Jesus!"

9,17. By this Mary immediately realized that the Lord had spoken to Joseph, for she heard the same name that the angel had given to her, although she had made no mention of this earlier to Joseph!

9,18. And Joseph carefully watched over the maiden and provided her with everything she needed in her condition. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-9 Chapter