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Chapter 101 - Peter’s test of faith.

101,1. By this time however the fourth watch set in. The wind relented somewhat, and the sharp-eyed Andrew was watching the string swell in every direction, catching sight of a person walking upon the sea waves as if upon dry land. [Matt. 14:25]

101,2. Here Andrew called the brethren, drawing their attention to the moving shape, saying: 'Brethren, this is not a good omen, it is a sea-ghost. When such beings show themselves then seamen have nothing good to expect. [Matt. 14:26]

101,3. All easily agree with Andrew, taking much fright and starting to call out loudly: 'Oh Jesus, why have you forsaken us, that we would all be irretrievably lost now? Oh if You still are somewhere then save us from certain doom!'

101,4. Whilst the disciples were still screaming thus, I approached the ship to within ten paces, speaking to those shaking with fear: 'Be of good cheer, it is I; be not afraid! [Matt. 14:27] Whereupon the disciples calmed down.

101,5. Said Andrew: 'By heaven, it is Jesus, our Lord and Master!'

101,6. Peter was still somewhat doubtful, saying: 'If it is Him then He must let me step out onto the sea so that I too like He would try a firm base for my feet!'

101,7. Says Andrew: 'Are you going to have the courage to step out on the rough sea if He calls you?'

101,8. Says Peter: 'Of course! I know only too well that the sea is deepest here; if it is Him, then I shall suffer no harm. If it is a ghost following us, then we are lost anyway. Then I go down before you only a few moments earlier to prepare a dwelling place for you all!'

101,9. Whereupon Peter went down to the lowest part of the hull, calling out to Me: 'Lord, if it is You then bid me to come to You on the water!' [Matt.14:28]

101,10. And I said to him: 'Come out and be convinced!'

101,11. To that Peter stepped out of the ship and unto the water, to the brethren‘s screams with fear. When the brethren saw that Peter did not go under but walked on the water like I, all doubt left them and each believed that it is I.

101,12. Peter made hast to get to Me [Matt. 14:29]. But when he was still seven small paces distance he saw a powerful wind whipping up high waves. He took a mighty fright, starting to think how the lofty waves may fetch him off after all, losing some of the strong faith, noticing that he was already sinking to his knees. Whereupon he gave out an immense yell: 'Lord, help me!' [Matt. 14:30]

101,13. But I quickly stepped over to him, stretched out My hand after him and pulled him out, sitting him on top of the water, which then carried him as before – saying to him however: 'Oh you of little faith! Why did you doubt? [Matt. 14:31] Don‘t you know that only undoubting faith is the master of all elements?'

101,14. Said Peter: 'Lord, forgive me! For You see that I am but a weak human. The wind and the oncoming waves scared me.'

101,15. Said I: 'All is well again, and we are now standing upon the ship, and so let us step down into it.'

101,16. Whereupon we stepped into the ship, and the storm ceased the same moment. [Matt. 14:32]

101,17. All, the disciples and the boatmen, hastened over to Me, praising Me and saying with one voice: 'Only now do we recognise that you are of a truth God‘s Son!' [Matt. 14:33]

101,18. And My John embraced and hugged Me with all his strength, saying: 'Oh You my Jesus, that we only have You again! Now all our fear is gone! Only do not leave us ever, for it is too terrible to be without You! Verily, this nocturnal sea voyage I shall remember all my life! For this much fear and horror I had not suffered yet!

101,19. Now the storm can rage around us as much as it wants to, for now we have its master in our midst who can bid it be calm, and the monster must obey the voice of the Almighty.'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-101 Chapter