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AUDIO/VIDEO - Healing of Sicks, Walk upon the Sea, Volume 2 – Chapter 110

Chapter 110 - The walk upon the see.

110,1. Early the next day the whole place was again filled with all kinds of sick people.

110,2. Ebahl came to Me and asked Me that I should help him; since they blocked the space in front of his house to such an extend that no person could enter or leave. He also has seen the Centurion outside, who wanted to enter the house but could not pass through the crowd of closely lined sick people!

110,3. I then walked to the front door, lifted my hands above the sick, - and at once all of them were healed, screamed of joy and praised God in heaven Who gave such power to the people!

110,4. But asked them to keep quiet and to go home and to avoid the sin in future! And they all obeyed and went home.

110,5. Thereupon I said to Ebahl: 'If during the day still others are coming and looking for help, they should not occupy the street but settle on the large pasture on the other side of the street, where they will be helped; however, those who occupy the open street will not be helped! - Thereupon I blessed the pasture and everyone sick who stepped on to the pasture, was healed immediately.

110,6. On this day hundreds of sick came from all the towns, markets and villages and among them was not one who was not healed.

110,7. Both Essenes made from hour to hour bigger eyes and the group of Pharisees and scribes got more annoyed from hour to hour, since their status also decreased from hour to hour to nothing; for they were not looked at and were asked nothing and Ebahl‘s people made it clear to them that they became totally obsolete in the house and since it was a nice day they could travel back to Jerusalem. - However, they did not accepted such advice but stayed put.

110,8. After a while one of the Pharisees came to Me and asked Me if the pasture would keep its properties in future.

110,9. Said I: 'Only for today until sundown!'

110,10. Says the Pharisee: 'Why not forever?'

110,11. Says I: 'Because there exist people who would fence off such pasture too soon too high and would demand a lot of gold and silver from those who would like to become healthy again; and since I do not want this to happen, the pasture will remain health-bringing only until evening since the throng of people is to large. - Tomorrow, if there are fewer people coming here to get cured, they will be healed by their faith and their trust!'

110,12. Upon this My explanation the questioners very annoyed turned their backs and for the rest of day did not ask Me anything further; instead the two Essenes dealt even more busily with Me.

110,13. Because of that the Centurion became annoyed with the two Essenes and would liked to have told them that they already had discussed enough with Me; however, out of love for Me, he controlled himself most forcefully.

110,14. In the afternoon however, I referred both of them to Matthew and to My other disciples, among whom they soon found Bartholomaei and were very happy about it, for he also was a Essene. They talked with the disciples until midnight about My teachings, My deeds and about My divine being.

110,15. In the afternoon I made a little excursion to the sea with the Centurion and with Ebahl and his family where the eight boatmen worked on the ship and diligently and properly repaired it, for it was already somewhat damaged. When we came to them they became very joyful and told the Centurion how I was walking on water. Because this phenomenon was not going to leave the heads and hearts of the eight.

110,16. When the Centurion heard this he asked Me how this was possible.

110,17. I said to him: 'I have told you yesterday which powers have to obey and have to serve Me! So, how can you ask Me about it? By the way, if you dare to put your feet on the water and I want it, you also can walk on it for as long I want it! If all of you want to, we could make an attempt right now! However, you must not doubt but you have to follow Me bravely and courageously!'

110,18. Says the Centurion: 'All would be alright if the sea would not have been so deep close to shore! For the longest stretch alongshore it goes vertically down into nearly unfathomable depth! Possibly one might fail with the first step, - and one goes down where the big salamanders and monsters live!'

110,19. 'Fainthearted', I said, 'do you think I would dare to be reckless if I would not know who I am, and of everything that is subject to My will? - Who from you has courage and faith, follow Me!'

110,20. Thereupon I step onto the surface of the sea, - and it carried Me like solid land. I then walked ten steps off shore, turned around and invited the society to come to Me; but they did not dare!

110,21. I then called the youngest twelve year old daughter of Ebahl and the little maiden took courage and in the beginning put the first foot quite wearily onto the water. When she was convinced that the water did not gave way but the water resisted the foot quite steadily like a rock surface, she started to cheerfully run to Me and had a great joy about the fact that the water could carry her!

110,22. After the girl also the others tried it, except the Centurion and all were well and cheerful on the of course now very smooth surface of the water.

110,23. The Centurion asked Me, now somewhat more bravely: 'What would happen if a storm came up?'

110,24. Says I: 'Come and convince yourself!'

110,25. Finally also the Centurion attempted to put a foot on the water and when he was convinced that the water wasn‘t give way, he finally also set the second foot on the water and making himself light with holding his breath, he walked the ten steps to Me and was very happy reaching Me standing on a surface which never before have been walked on.

110,26. But I said: 'Now, since you have been convinced that also to the firm believer the water is a steady surface, we want to extend our little excursion!'

110,27. The Centurion would have preferred to return to the steady surface of the shore; but the exceedingly happy daughters of Ebahl gave him courage by their cheerful walking up and down, so that he together with us walked for about five-thousand steps out onto the already considerable high sea.

110,28. Suddenly a quite strong wind came up and started to drive high waves. All started to become afraid and the Centurion asked Me to turn around.

110,29. But I Said: 'Do not be afraid! The waves are only coming, together with the wind who drives them, to convince you that they also have to obey Me.'

110,30. However, after a while when the waves were getting higher, the Centurion turned around and ran as fast as he could to soon reach the shore and after several feverish body shakings he was very glad to have a none-transparent, firm ground under his feet again. - Soon afterwards we also returned to shore and caught up with the astonished Centurion.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-110 Chapter