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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-119 Chapter

Chapter 119 - The power of love

119,1. After these words no Pharisee enquires further.

119,2. Whereupon I rise, greet the Centurion, who responds the salutation with much warmth and sincerity, accompanying Me and Jarah to a resting place in another chamber, in company of Ebahl and his wives and other children.

119,3. But I say to the Centurion: 'If all of you want to stay with Me during the night, you can stay; however, if you want to go to sleep, you can do so as well! Should you stay, no one will have missed any sleep in the morning. - By the way, you as My friend has negotiated very well with the Pharisees; they are now very frightened and under pressure and will count the sand grains in their watch and will await the coming day with great impatience!

119,4. It was good nonetheless that My disciples who are still battling with the Essenes and the group of Pharisees and nearly have them completely on their side, did not enter the dinning hall when the significant commotion took place! For this would have created an unnecessary sensation! Yet - I wanted it like that and therefore it could not have been otherwise! - But what I am going to do with My dearest Jarah? This little girl will never leave Me!'

119,5. Says the little one: 'Lord, for as long You are going to stay in our house, Jarah will not leave Your side; and if it would be possible for You to die, Jarah would die with You! However, when leaving our house again and Jarah cannot go with You, I will stay home and grieve and ask the Father in Your heart to guide You back to her; for without You Jarah cannot live anymore!'

119,6. Say I: 'Behold, this is a proper example how one should love God, to be loved by Him in the same measure! Indeed, God‘s love grasps everything and forever there is no rage nor revenge in it; however, there still exists a great difference in the way a person is loved by God. As long a person breathes and lives, it is proof that God through His love gives him life otherwise he would dead long ago.

119,7. However, who loves God like this little one here, urges God to come and dwell in the loving heart of a person! And God comes and by His spirit dwells in the heart which loves God above all; and thereby a person has the everlasting, imperishable life and is completely one with God!

119,8. Indeed, it is not given to everyone to love God as mightily as it is the case with this My most dearest Jarah; nevertheless can every person love God with all his strength, and God will therefore also fill this heart with His spirit and His mercy and forever will not allow him to fall into the abyss. And if he stumbles he will always helped up again and the everlasting life will stay in him forever.

119,9. And now, My most dearest Jarah, since you love Me so much, you must tell us a little story; for I know that you are richly equipped with all kinds of good stories!'

119,10. Says Jarah, delightfully childishly smiling: 'O Lord, spare me this! For this would really sound quite silly alongside Your endless most wise side!'

119,11. Say I: 'No, no, you My most dearest Jarah, this may not disconcert you; since you can always and ever expect the greatest forbearance from Me! Since behold, I understand the weeping of little children, not to mention their speech! Sometimes you have rather strange dreams, come and tell Me such a dream!'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-119 Chapter