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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-133 Chapter

Chapter 133 - Christ, moderator between heaven and earth

133,1. Says Jarah: 'Oh, Lord, my love, You my life! Due to Your grace within me I have understood all this; but sad it is that, mankind cannot or will not understand it! Oh, there shall once be many dead souls! Oh Lord, make mankind to hear such holy Truth, and then to act accordingly; for I shall once suffer boredom living among so many dead in this world!'

133,2. Say I: 'Be consoled; because therefore I Myself have come into this world! Until now there has been a dearth of paved ways, and the heavens were separated from Earth; but now a righteous and firm path shall be paved, and the heaven shall be united with the Earth, to make easy for everyone to walk the paved road and along same to reach the nearby heaven. Yet no man shall thereby be hindered in the slightest way in his free will!

133,3. From now on every one striving earnestly shall be able to gain the heavens, something not possible heretofore, there having been too great a chasm between Heaven and Earth.

133,4. Yet beware all who, hearing thereof nonetheless do not care about it! These shall henceforth be worse off than the ancients, who often wanted to but could not! - Do you understand that?'

133,5. Says Jarah: 'Lord, I have comprehended it all! The opportunity is good, but mans‘ free will! They see and taste the world, yet neither see nor taste the heavens; and thus it shall come that many will not want to go along the paved way, and they shall be worse off than before! I say unto You oh Lord that few shall step out upon the paved road, because the most difficult thing for man is self-denial!'

133,6. Say I: 'Don‘t be troubled, the reformation centres shall be vastly extended, from here even to the beyond! - But our company has fallen asleep, one and all, -including the Centurion; what are we going to do?'

133,7. 'Lord', says Jarah, 'this You will Yourself know best!'

133,8. Say I: 'Right you are! Wherefore I let them fall asleep, and in their dream they are going to behold what you shall behold in reality. Take note, soon you shall behold the heavens open, and all the angels shall serve us! Tomorrow this mountain shall get an easily accessible gradient towards the East, and we shall be able to descend along a new natural path down to Genezareth. Hence pay attention to the scene soon to unfold before your eyes!'

133,9. Upon these My words, Jarah raised her eyes upwards and gazed into the brightly star-lit sky. When nothing made an appearance for some time, she said with an especially endearing voice: 'Lord, You my life and love, nothing is wanting to show itself yet! What will it look like, so that with any potential phenomenon I shall know whether to count it with the one You predicted?'

133,10. Say I: 'My beloved Jarah, you have to gaze up with your heart much rather than with the eyes of your head; then wondrous things shall soon begin to appear to you in a most brilliant light! Just try it, and you shall soon convince yourself that I am always right and that I speak the fullest truth!'

133,11. Upon these My teaching words, Jarah lifts her heart rather than her eyes upwards and behold, immediately all heavens open and countless crowds of God‘s angels float in the most marvellous splendour fo light down to earth and sing: 'All your heavens show all mercy to the righteous on this earth! For holy is He, Who stepped on to it for the welfare of those who have fallen, before a sun glowed in the mercy-light of God in the depth of eternity! 12] Human children who were begot by Satan, are accepted by Him and turned into children of His love!

133,13. Hence to Him belong all honour, glory and praise, for all that He does is well-done (good so) and His order is love paired with highest wisdom. Wherefore He alone is holy, supremely holy, and before His name must bend all knees in Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth. Amen.'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-133 Chapter