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Chapter 152 - Satan appears upon the mountain

152,1. When the captain has spoken such, a powerful lightening flash accompanied by a most strongest thunder occurs and Satan is standing as a gigantic figure quite igneously before the captain, stamps with one foot so violently onto the ground that the whole mountain around us trembles and says to the captain: 'What do you want most wretched mother incest from me!? Why do you call me to this height which is a thousand times more painful to me than all hellfire!?'

152,2. Says the captain somewhat strongly excited about the exclamation ‗mother incest‘: 'Hey, enemy of all people and God Himself, slow down, since you are not entitled to judge in the face of God, your Lord! If I have sinned while asleep and under great numbing of my senses, I only harmed myself but never you. However, I belief that God is more than you, and He never has greeted me like you wretched liar! It is true that I slept with my mother once, when I was fourteen years old; but I was deceived to it by my mother. Because she disguised herself as a opulent Greek woman and carried over her still most beautiful face a fine Greek veil, came at night to me, uncovered all her mighty charms to me and wanted me. Since my mother at that stage was barely twenty-eight years old; when she gave birth to me she was thirteen-and-a-half years old. In Rome I was known as one of the most beautiful and loveliest youth; no wonder that my own mother was inflamed for me and disguised herself to enjoy me! Wretched! If I as a fiery Roman slept with my mother unknowingly who was disguised as a most lavish and passionate Greek woman, am I therefore a mother incest? Can you, blind infernal donkey, scold someone a murderer or killer, who fell from the roof and by his fall kills a person on the ground?! - Speak now, you old, infernal donkey!'

152,3. Says Satan, very enraged about the abuse by the captain: 'I only look at the deed and not the circumstances in which it took place; with me there are no mitigating circumstances and by me you are seen as guilty, belongs to hell and you will not escape my power!'

152,4. Says the captain: 'Look here, you old, blind infernal donkey! Who is He standing here to my right, do you know Him, are you familiar with Jesus of Nazareth?'

152,5. When saying My name, Satan is violently thrown to the ground, and he threatens the captain that he never again should mention this to him most adverse name. He knows the Nazarene and curses him because he wants to snatch power from the Godhead and it doesn‘t take a lot more now for him to become lord of heaven and all the world!

152,6. Says the captain: 'Blind, infernal donkey! What He was from eternity, He still is and shall be forever; and only He will judge me and you and forever not you old, evil, blind and most stupid infernal donkey! If you are then such mighty being, why is it that only the pure name of the holy Nazarene cuts you to size as if you never have been standing? Look, how nice and praiseworthy it is here and how well we are all being treated! If you would not have been such an arch-stupid infernal animal, how easily could you not have it so nice as we are! Turn around and recognize in your heart, if you still have one, that Jesus is the Lord of heaven and earth, and surely you will be treated equally!'

152,7. Here Satan grinned: 'Did you again had to speak the to me most adverse name?! If you don‘t know to speak about something better, at least circumscribe the name; for it torments me more than ten-thousand hells and their most terrible fire furies! Besides, I am a spirit and must stay like this for the sake of your everlasting salvation and therefore cannot convert myself to your God and your Lord! I am for once and all condemned and for me there exist no salvation anymore!'

152,8. Says the captain: 'If someone else other than you had told me so, I would believe it; but from you I believe nothing, except that you really are the old, stupid infernal donkey! If you wanted to convert yourself, I know only too well that you and all your followers would be accepted by the Lord; however, with you it is only a most stubborn evilness that you forever not want to convert yourself, because it gives you some sort of hellish joy to oppose God the Lord with your free will. But I say to you that the Lord nowhere near yet has closed His heart before you and nowhere near has judged you yet! Turn therefore to Him and He will accept you and forgive you all your milliard times milliard crimes and sins!

152,9. I am a heathen and in my youth have worshipped nature and wood carvings, made by human hands and arising from their phantasies; however, I, as a weak, blind carnal person, have soon recognized that I am on aberrations by which no purpose can be reached.

152,10. However, you since your primordial beginning have been created as a pure spirit by Him who now resides in the heart of this holy Nazarene, and to whom visibly heaven and earth are subject. For you the pure recognition of the everlasting truth is easy, while I for a long time had to grope around in night and fog; you only have to will and you are sitting in the old primordial light again. Turn thus again to the Lord who stays most wondrously physically among us, and I guarantee you with everything, my life, what I own and what is holy to me, that you will be accepted!'

152,11. Says Satan: 'I cannot do that!'

152,12. Says the captain: 'And Why not?'

152,13. Screams Satan: 'Because I don‘t want to!'

152,14. Says also the captain now with a very excited voice: 'Then in the name of Jesus go away; because now you start to disgust me to the point of vomiting! You are therefore a highly free-willing incorrigible infernal beast and in me every compassion regarding your everlasting pain and torment has disappeared forever. The Lord judges you, you old infernal donkey!'

152,15. Upon these words of the captain, Satan falls to the ground like being struck by lightening and roared immensely like a hungry lion; however I gave the angel Raphael a sign that he should get him under control.

152,16. The angel quickly stepped between the captain and Satan and said: 'Satan! I, a most insignificant servant of the Lord Jesus Jehovah Zebaoth, command with an unalterable must, that you immediately leave this place and this region which with your evil breath have made uninhabitable for a long time!'

152,17. Says Satan, inflamed by fury: 'Where should I go?'

152,18. Says the angel: 'Where your servants await you and are cursing you! Go and leave! Amen!'

152,19. With these words of the angel, Satan rose like an ominous blazing ball of fire and fled under great thundering bangs with lightening speed towards midnight.

152,20. The angel however tore off a rock of a couple of fifty-hundredweights, on which Satan had stood and lain, and flung it over the mountain and into the sea with such force that the rock already in midair was pulverized into minutest dust particles by air resistance.

152,21. And all were exceedingly astonished at the angel‘s power, with the Centurion saying: 'Hoy, this I would call a stone-thrower! This one alone would excel ten Roman legions! I by the way thank You oh Lord for this revelation as well, for now I have also gotten to know personally as it were, the eternal enemy of all love, light and everything good and true, and am quickly persuaded of what he is on about. -This one no eternity or fire shall reform!

152,22. All things are possible with God indeed, but here I believe even divine omnipotence shall find it hard to bring this spirit back to remorse and atonement. For should he be left with free will then he shall never change eternally, but if not then he has ceased to be, and there is then no Satan throughout infinity. But to try moving him to repentance by the most intense tormenting and pain would be like drawing water with a sieve into a vessel full of holes! The wisest thing it seems to me would be to keep him in some prison forever, but without pain; then at least he would have no effect upon the living!'

152,23. Say I: 'Friend, these are things that you cannot grasp at this stage, but they shall become clear to you once! For this however, terrestrial time has no estimate, - but an arch-primordial central sun indeed! When such has reached its end, then it shall not be long to Satan‘s potential turnaround; but where shall this Earth and sun be then? Because a body such as an arch-primordial central sun needs a period beyond your mental reach, till all life under judgement within it, at present seemingly dead matter, is to the last dust particle dissolved into free spiritual life!

152,24. But, as said, such you cannot grasp nowhere near yet! This not even the angels can grasp. But a time shall soon come when you shall be left with no more doubt about what you were told now, and believe things of which you have no inkling at this stage! But now no more about it! Let you all get up now, and we shall slowly set upon our return journey!

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-152 Chapter