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Chapter 164 - About following Jesus

164,1. Says I: 'Before Me you are pure; only pay always attention to your actions when guiding people, in that you never forget that also the sinner is your brother!

164,2. If you feel rage in your heart about the sinner who deserves a just punishment, then put the punishing rod out of your hand; because by your rage it will not become a salutary guide post, but a snake, who do not breathes a salutary balm, but a deadly poison into the wound which she caused the traveller through its bite, bringing death to the wounded.

164,3. Also do not think that you have rid yourself of an enemy by killing him! Because if here on earth he was only a simple enemy to you, after death of his body as a free spirit he will become a hundredfold enemy to you and will torment you with hundreds of different evils for the rest of your life and you will not find any means to free yourself from this invisible enemy.

164,4. Therefore, if you punish someone, punish him with love and never with rage! Therefore, subsequently do not take it too far even with the Pharisees! Think for yourself: ‗Behold, these are blind leaders of the blind!‘ However, it is the world who made them blind, and this belongs to Satan whom you have got to know.

164,5. Behold, in Me there is all the might and power over heaven and earth. I could destroy them all with one thought, but still I endure them with all patience until the right time when there measure has become full.

164,6. People also anger Me and sadden My heart by there incorrigibility; but I nevertheless endure them and always punish them with love, so that they can better themselves and enter the kingdom of eternal life, the only reason for which they have been created. If you therefore want to be a just judge, you must follow Me in everything!

164,7. It is easier to pronounce a judgement over someone than to endure a judgement yourself; however, who takes the judgement from someone who was condemned on himself and provides for right betterment of the condemned, will one day called great in the kingdom of God. - What I have said now you all should remember well! For if I order it to be and want it like that, you cannot have and make it differently!? I am the Lord over life and death! I‘m the only one who knows what life is and what it takes to keep it forever and to enjoy in all blessedness!

164,8. If you are going to live according to My teaching, you will receive life in all blessedness; however, should you act contrary, you will loose it and enter death, which is life‘s most misfortunate state, a fire which never goes out and a worm which never dies!'

164,9. Says the Centurion: 'Lord, I see the necessity of all this only too clearly, but also the immense difficulties of strictly living accordingly. To negotiate small hills is certainly no problem; but where entire mountains of problems and obstructions confront us, there it is sheer impossible to pursue a straight path. There, oh Lord, You mus t help us!'

164,10. Say I: 'For this very reason indeed it is that I came into the world, to bring you all help where you could not eternally have found your way out by yourselves! Hence always trust and build upon My name, whereupon the seemingly impossible shall become possible to you! - But now let us move back into the house, for the sun is close to setting.'

164,11. The skipper however asks, by what time the ship should be readied for departure.

164,12. Say I: 'You have to all times be ready to depart, so that when the ship‘s master comes before time he will not find you idle and inactive, docking your wages and terminating your employment. Nevertheless, to serve God is not difficult, but is so withe man.'

164,13. Continues to ask the skipper: 'Lord, should those Pharisees who yesterday journeyed to Jesaira, probably as missionaries and proselytizers, - to re-convert to the Temple those Jew who had gone over to Hellenism; should these come here again, and start disputing Psalm 47 with us, as they promised to do, what should we say to them?'

164,14. Say I: 'In that case promise them seven silver pieces if they can explain the Psalm to you satisfactorily; but if they explain it unsatisfactorily then they are to get nothing; and if they are not able to explain it at all, then you are entitled to demand seven good silver pieces from them, threatening them with military intervention should they refuse to pay!'

164,15. Says the Centurion: 'Just come to me then, and they shall be made to pay seven times seven silver pieces without fear of favour or mitigating circumstances and further ado.'

164,16. This fully satisfies the sailors, and we move into the city and Ebahl‘s house, where the domestics are eagerly engaged in preparing a good supper since the sun has already set. The Captain however takes delivery of the two hundred pounds of silver, handing them over to Ebahl wit the words: 'Receive these into your custody as a small compensation for the care you have taken of the hundreds upon hundreds of poor, and of whom you have never taken a penny! But you are the only human being in this city who deserves to be human! The rest of the people here do not deserve that honourable title, for they are totally dead, not caring for anything and aiming for no goal. Do you imagine that the miracles worked here of late have made any impression on this folk? No way! These sissies amble about as if there was nothing here! Those who were sick did of a truth permit themselves to be healed, but hardly said thanks and hardly even remember it to-day, that they were seriously ill and that they were healed of their illness most miraculously! Therefore my Ebahl is the only human in this city; everything else is animal rather than man!'

164,17. Ebahl takes possession of the money with the remark that he shall be utilizing it for only the best and most useful purposes.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-164 Chapter