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Chapter 167 - The Lord’s farewell and departure to Sidon and Tyre (Mat15.21)

167,1. After the morning meal we kept ourselves busy with all kinds of things and I gave Ebahl some agricultural rules along which he can work his fields and how to treat his fruit gardens and vineyards, so that they always give him a rich harvest which he surely always will use wisely. I showed Ebahl how he could ennoble en increase the fruit and taught him how to utilise several useful herbs, which have been used in the kitchen since then. I also showed him several root fruits which he also could use as a good food and also showed him the preparation of all this, the herbs as well as the roots. In short, during the subsequent two days which I still spend in Genezareth, I taught Ebahl still more things about agriculture which previously no Jew ever knew about. I also taught him that he always could enjoy the meat of hares, rabbits, roe deers and stags as a pure and good tasting roast if prepared in various ways, without becoming impure by it. But I also showed him when such animals should be caught and killed. And as such I still taught him quite a few things about which the honest Ebahl was very pleased with.

167,2. At the same time I and My disciples build a small kitchen garden for Jarah, planted in it all kinds of useful plants, herbs and root plants and instructed her to look well after this garden. She promised this to Me under many tears of joy and should I return soon I shall see the garden in a blossoming state. And as such everything in the house of Ebahl was in the best order.

167,3. And thus Sunday, Monday and Tuesday passed with sundry useful ventures, and I made preparations for departure. But the Centurion, Ebahl with his wives and children, with Jarah among them, fervently beseeched Me to tarry at their house for the night whereupon I stayed till Wednesday morning.

167,4. In the morning some of the shipmates came and related how the Jesairan Pharisees indeed had come the previous day, yet did not mention Psalm 47 by even one syllable, but enquired the more eagerly after Me, accusing Me of turning all Jesaira away from Jerusalem. But that they (the shipmates) had given them no answer, but of a truth had taken the several silver pieces off them, which the Pharisees paid grudgingly and with cursing, - thereafter again boarding their ship and journeying to Capernaum, probably to further scrutinize Me, for which they were actually engaged by the Temple, as well as Herod.

167,5. Having listened to the sailors faithful account, I commanded them to have the ship ready for departure in an hour, and the sailors went and did so promptly.

167,6. But when Jarah, who had gone to her little garden in the morning, on entering the room heard of My imminent departure, she began to cry disconsolately, begging whether I would not stay another hour. It would verily crush her heart to think that she is not going to see Me again for God knows how long.

167,7. But I comforted her, assuring her that she shall soon see Me again, even physically; but to spiritually speak to Me at any time whatever, and I would speak a most complete and clear answer. Besides that, the angel Raphael would be left with her in My place, visibly, who would guide her along the right path. - This consoled the crying one.

167,8. After which I blessed the whole Ebahl house and departed for the sea, where the ship was tarrying for us. It is self-evident that the entire Ebahl house and a great many other folk accompanied Me out.

167,9. The tow Essenes and the several converted Pharisees and Scribes however begged to be allowed to accompany Me to My destination.

167,10. But I said: 'Let you remain, lest it all becomes somewhat too much for the world! For the birds have their nests and the foxes their holes, but the Son of Man has not a stone, fully His own, to lay His head upon. Since however I own no worldly property notwithstanding that a great throng of folk are in My train, they would begin to say: ‗How does He feed them? He has no fields, meadows, and no herds! He is either a thief or some other low fellow.‘ To avoid such, remain here yourselves, and you Essenes go to your brethren and tell them all that you have seen and heard; they shall change and become of a different mind!

167,11. If summoned back to the Temple nonetheless in order to inform on Me to those striving after My life, then say nothing about all the works, but the more, and openly, about My doctrine! Fear not those who, in the most extreme case, can indeed kill your body, but can do no harm to the everlasting life of the soul! They shall nonetheless not attack you. If however they expel you then go to the Essenes, who shall receive you with open arms!

167,12. Says the Centurion: 'Oh, you might also abide with me; I shall make Romans out of you, giving you Roman apparel and sword, and you shall surely be left alone by the Temple and its wicked servants.'

167,13. Say I to that: 'Sure, sure, you can do that too! Be as clever as serpents and as gentle as doves, and thereby you shall be able to deal with the world most effectively.'

167,14. After these words I boarded the ship, together with My twenty disciples in all, and with favourable winds sped to the opposite shore in the direction of Sidon and Tyre (Mat. 15:21), which cities nonetheless, along the Mediterranean were still situated at considerable distance from the sea of Galilee.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-167 Chapter