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Chapter 178 - One Temple episode

178,1. (Mark) There is a populated region behind so-called Asia Minor, where the women are mostly barren. I don‘t know the cause, but it is a known fact that if those women sleep with either Jews or Samaritans, then they become as fertile as ours. Well then: the Pharisees, who send their evil apostles into all the world, have gotten to know these women long since, and often went there by the caravan-full to make those infertile women fertile. This was so-to-say always a well-paid, friendly service! But this service was not kept up, as the men of the said Asia Minor region gradually realized themselves the deceived; because their wives did not get quite so pregnant in the fertility clinics, which the Jerusalemites missionaries had erected at the border of those municipalities many years earlier; but instead the missionaries locally and also in Judea, bought up newly-born infants, had them brought to the said clinics, where the otherwise very beautiful and sumptuous but barren women has to stay ten months. After the ten months, during which time such woman was nearly slept to death by these apostles of the Temple, such purchased child was presented to the said woman and that in such cunning way that even the woman thought the child to be hers! But as said, the husbands of such beautiful and sumptuous women, with time found out about the deception, and that through and upright Samaritan, who showed the Asia Minorites how the would-be pious Jerusalemites apostles from the city of God played it up.

178,2. Whereupon the communities‘ deceived husbands came to the apostles in the fertility clinic, accusing them with what they had heard of a Sycharite resident even whilst the fertilized women had themselves confessed it to them.

178,3. But the apostles, anointed with every deception ointment, soon found a healthy alibi, portraying the Samaritans to the accusers in a way that left in no doubt that it was the Samaritans that were the cause of the women‘ infertility.

178,4. Therewith however the good Samaritans swore double vengeance, firstly for the Pharisees‘ stigmatizing of them and secondly because the after-Asia Minorit owners of the women began to suspect all Samaritans to be wicked magicians, who had done this to them for the one Samaritan who had been killed many years ago for sleeping with one of their women. But they, the Pharisees namely, knew of an antidote which they could prescribe and even obtain for the husbands of the barren women, for a fee! - There, dear good Master, the supra-Satanic comes to the fore!'

178,5. Say I: 'Continue to speak! For even if not really for Myself, it is that much more necessary for My disciples to find out.'

178,6. Continues Mark, saying: 'And wherein does the Jerusalemites apostles‘ expensive prescription to make the after-Asia Minor women fertile consist? In nothing but the commendable apostles‘ advice as follows: ‗The after-Asia Minorites procuring the blood of Samaritan children, taking it at once either in its fresh or powdered state once they gained potency, and after them also the women, before being slept with; this would destroy the Samaritans‘ magical powers and fully restore the women‘ fertility! - But how to obtain the blood of Samaritan children?! -For decent reward and putting in a few good words the apostles of the Temple shall take care of it!‘

178,7. The offer was made, and accepted by the after-Asia Minorites. But what happened next, and still does so to-day on a much wider extent? The Pharisees went on a real prowl for Samaritan children, in every conceivable way, doing so to this day.

178,8. Such children, between the ages of one to twelve, are taken to said fertility clinic, nourished well for certain period, especially with nutrient conductive to multiplying the blood. When such child appears full-blooded, it is undressed, taken to the slaughter-room and handed over to especially engaged slaughter men. These then tightly bind the unfortunate little ones‘ hands feet, then fastening them to a stake fixed in the middle of a bath-tub, binding the poor children eyes, and then slashing the dreadfully screaming children‘ arm and leg veins. During their quick bleeding to death, turning into corpses in a few moments, the apostles of god from Jerusalem, city of God, are having a perfectly easy time. - Discanted bodies of such murdered children are then burnt in a specially-designed, large oven, and their blood for the said cause, either fresh or dried. - Hell must have blessed this supra-infernal work, for those women who enjoy such blood are said in actuality supposed to be fertile now!

178,9. Surely the good God, if He is not a mere old Jewish legend, aught to find a remedy; but there has been no sign form above to this hour! God is still capable of patiently and unhurriedly watching such nameless abominations, as He did also in Bethlehem some thirty years ago when by most tyrannical edict, up to five thousand male children between the ages of one to twelve were put to death in one day, and this in the most cruel fashion in the world!

178,10. God is supremely good, wise and full of mercy, as I have learned it from the scriptures; however, if I as privy to all horrors, view this state of affairs in the right bright light, I hardly cannot ward off the idea that there is no God at all or if there is one, He long ago stopped caring for the people of this earth! Can anybody blame me for this? Surely no realistic and peoples friendly person like me, also not even God! For in my breast still pulses a heart which cares for poor humanity with all love!

178,11. If however, Lord and Master there resides something godly within You, then let You work a miracle also in this sphere, destroying and annihilating such infernal monsters! I have not the least doubt in Your accomplishing it, for my experience with You to-day is my most convincing surety that nothing can be impossible to You, if only it is Your will. Because You obviously are more than all the prophets put together!'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-178 Chapter