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Chapter 221 - Separation of light from darkness

221,1. (The Lord:) 'But now follows something that is substantially harder to grasp than the foregoing. For it says furthermore: ‗And God divided the light from the darkness; and God called the light day, and the darkness He called night‘. This thing becomes more comprehensible however if, for Moses‘ more general concepts, you substitute the correspondingly more pertinent, independent life as they day, and death as the night, or freedom for day and judgement for night, or independence for day and bondage for night. Or, self-conscious love-life of the divine Spirit within the new creature for day, and the as yet non-animated thou thoughts and ideas of God for night.

221,2. However, this kind of order you again shall find also in every plant, where you right up to the tendril of the fruit find nothing but night and gnawing death, where the spirit of God still hovers above the water of dark deep, for the sake of the pre-developmental stage of the life-carrying matter. Once the foundation sufficiently firms up for the wheat-stalk of creation to have its final ring tied underneath the ear, enabling the actual spirit-life as truly independent to begin seize, feel and to comprehend itself in lucid self-consciousness, there certainly is occurring a division or rather separation of the light from the darkness, a liberated life from life under judgement, or, actually an indestructible life destroyable judged life, which equals death under the general all embracing concept ‗night‘.

221,3. And furthermore it says: ‘and from evening and morning became the first day‘. What is here the evening and what the morning? - The evening here is the state when the pre-conditions for the eventual reception of the love-life out of God begins to consolidate and mutually seize itself through influence of the almighty will of God, akin to the individual thoughts and concepts into an idea. Once these have consolidated right up to the last ring under the ear of the fruit, the function of evening is accomplished and the free and independent action towards the fruit‘s self-development begins. But just as man calls the transition from night to day ‗morning‘, in the same manner correspondingly was the transition from the preceding condition of a judged creature towards the free, independent one named ‗morning‘. And behold, here Moses by no means committed a logical error, when he allowed the first and all subsequent days to arise from evening and from morning!

221,4. The reason that Moses lets arise six such days from evening and morning is, because by careful observation and study every thing goes from its primordial beginning to perfection as that what it is, precisely along the way of one and the same divine order of six periods, until for the time being it reaches perfection in that what it is supposed to be, just like the full-ripe wheatear on the dead stalk.

221,5. From the casting of the seed into the soil to germination: day one. From there to the formation of the stalk and suction and protective foliage: day two. From there to the formation of the last ring immediately beneath the base for ear-development: - day three. From there, the formation and structuring of the pod-like vessels, akin to the bridal chambers for generation of the free, independent life, with which the flowering stage also is to be counted: day four. From there, the dropping of the flower, then the rise of the actual already life-carrying fruit and its free activity, - although still tied to the preceding, un-free stages, from which a part of the sustenance for forming the skins is taken, although from thereon the main nutrients are taken from the heavens of light and true life-heat - , up to the full development of the fruit: - day five, - and finally the complete separation of the fruit ripened in the hull, whereupon the kernel already completely on its own and now already perfectly independent, demands for its fullest consolidation the pure nourishment of the heavens, accepting same and therewith sustaining itself for the freest, eternally indestructible life: - day six.

221,6. On the seventh day rest takes over and this is the state of the now completed, full-ripest and for eternity existing life, consolidated from the previous states, equipped with the full godlikeness.'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-221 Chapter