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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-228 Chapter

Chapter 228 - Power and resistance

228,1. Says the now contented Cyrenius: 'Lord, You are able to see into my heart only too clearly anyway, and through my brain too, - as to whether I have grasped the thing fully or only by half! I feel that the thing is now as clear to me as the sun at noon. But there could still be depth upon to depths behind it that may never have occurred yet to even the most perfect angelic spirit. I am nevertheless satisfied with what I know now, and shall have enough to nibble on for the rest of my life; because this far exceeds human horizons of knowledge and insight already!

228,2. Only one being is still a puzzle to me and that is Satan and his cohorts; just a revealing word about that still, oh Lord, and my soul shall be satisfied until my physical death! Because I am still not quite in the clear about that. What and who is Satan and who his helpers‘ helpers, called devils?'

228,3. Say I: 'This too is a trifle premature for your comprehension, from its foundation. But I shall try to give you and the others some light on this point also to the limit of your understanding. And thus hearken unto Me!

228,4. Behold, everything that there is, that exists and that has any existence, cannot exist, be or has any existence otherwise than by a certain continues battle.

228,5. Every existence, the divine not excluded, contains in itself a lot of opposites, as denying and affirming, which always stand against each other like cold and warmth, darkness and light, hard and soft, bitter and sweet, heavy and light, narrow and wide, broad and narrow, high and low, hatred and love, evil and good, right and wrong, and ly and truth.

228,6. No force can have any effect without an opposing force.

228,7. Take for instance a thousandfold Goliath of a man, whose power could certainly take on an army of warriors! What good his power however if one stood him into the air like the clouds of heaven? Behold, a breeze, here on earth, so feeble as to hardly set a leaf in motion, would in spite of all his power, push him unstoppably in the direction of the breeze!

228,8. In order for the giant to make effective use of his strength, he firstly needs solid ground for a foundation to act. Hence the ground itself is already a counterpoint to our giant; because for exercising of his strength, free movement coupled to a steadfast foundation is needed, where he enters into union with the solid rest of the foundation, to then in combination with the strength of the resting foundation or ground on which he stands, apposes every confrontational movement. Only then can the giant make proper use of his strength. If the ground is a rock, then no antagonistic force shall prevail against such solid rest, unless the force is more hefty than the rock‘s concentrated rest. But if the ground is soft and hence less counteractive than the giant‘s storm-like capacity to move, the giant‘s strength shall not find enough resistance in the ground counteracting him, and he will only be able to resist a much smaller force confronting him.

228,9. For superficial clarity, let us assume that our giant has upon solid ground sufficient strength to lift a thousand people! But put him in a bog, with hardly enough firmness to just carry the giant on his own! Let the giant lift the weight of just a hundred or even ten people, and he shall certainly not get it off the ground; for the moment he begins to conquer the weight he shall begin to sink into the soft ground, and all his strength shall be useless, since he has no counter force underneath him.

228,10. Hence no power can effect anything on its own, if it does not unite with an as-it-were opposing, warring one. With our giant, the solid rest of the ground obviously fights his weight and movement and also vanquishes same to a certain degree; and this ground-warring victory of rest is in the end also the support of the moving force and also a measure of the force.'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-228 Chapter