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Chapter 34 - -

34,1. However, the Pharisees from Nazareth have heard about the dangerous illness of the occupants of this house and that they never will recover. They went there to settle everything about the tenth of the estate and about the funeral; since after death they had no right anymore to the inheritance, because the ill has departed without their support, - in which case the state acted as heir. When thus the Pharisees arrived already late at night when the people of the house began to go to bed, the greedy transporters of souls into the aftermath showed very disappointed faces when they found the people of the house in the best of health of whom they were expecting at least half of them to be dead already.

34,2. The first Pharisee who entered with great precaution holding his breath, said: 'Yes, what is this? Are you still alive? We thought that at least half of you have passed away already, and we come to bless your souls and to bury your bodies according to the custom of our fathers! Who made you well again? Surely not Borus! We know that he did not visited you when he was called; for he was like us equally afraid of your extremely dangerous illness. Who thus was your doctor?'

34,3. Said the son-in-law of the old man, who was a strong man regarding work and talking: 'Why are you asking about it? You have not supported us and therefore we do not owe each other anything! You have not come to us because of our salvation, but for the tenth of the inheritance; and I say to you: about this you can forever stay away from our house! For if you not can, want and dare to provide assistance to a house in all danger, then you can go elsewhere! This house will never require any help from you! Truly, with all your actions you are worse than the evil worms of the earth who only devour, do no good but ruin all kind of good fruit of the earth and make it wretched! Therefore leave our faces soon otherwise you will get mugged!'

34,4. Said one of the elders: 'Alright, we will leave; but you could do us favour by telling us who have helped you! Daily we have prayed for you for seven hours and therefore would like to know if you have been miraculously healed by our prayers! Since it would be impossible for you to have recovered along conventional methods! Tel us therefore; it costs you in anyway nothing!'

34,5. Says the son-in-law: 'Leave, you liars! You might have prayed for our death for seven hours daily to obtain the inheritance tenth, but surely not for our life; for you have not come here to greet us as recovered, but to write up the tenth and greedily take possession of it after the death of us all! O you loose villains, I know you only too well and your prayers as well! Therefore leave, otherwise I will be forced to make use of my house-rights! You are forever not worthy to pronounce the name of Him who helped us!'

34,6. Said the elder once more: 'Now then, let it be that we are as you think; but we still can change! Since a miracle has taken place and it can reform us in all our thinking and actions! Therefore tell us!'

34,7. Said the son-in-law quite heatedly: 'Nothing on this earth will change you, also not God! If you could have changed you would have changed long ago; since you have Moses and all the Prophets who testify against you! However, your god is Mammon and consists of gold and silver! This god you serve in your hearts and only outwardly wrap yourself with the cloth of Moses and Aaron for pretence, so that you more easily as tearing wolves in sheep clothes can attack the herds with your deadly teeth and tear them to pieces and consume them!

34,8. However, Jehovah knows you and soon will give you the long overdue deserved reward! God has now awaken Jesus, the son of the carpenter, just like Moses once, and this Jesus who healed us from a distance only by His mighty word, will also tell you how much your reward is worth before God; since He is filled with the spirit of God and you with the spirit of Beelzebub! Therefore let it be said to you for the last time, that you better leave and never set foot in this house again, - otherwise you will experience evil!'

34,9. After these words the Pharisees leave the house and think quite strange things about Jesus who again crossed their actions, and they started to plan how to get rid of him, otherwise the certain possibility exists that in a short time all Jews will be instigated against them just like this house.

34,10. But when they allowed these thoughts to quite animated arise in them, a mighty, thundering bang occurred behind them so that they were immensely terrified and began running back to town.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-34 Chapter