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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-38 Chapter

Chapter 38 - About the Lord’s Deity and His humanness.

38,1. Now Cyrenius turns to the two angels and asks them how such a thing could be possible, but they with the greatest reverence point to Me with their heavenly beautiful hands and say with an extremely pure and melodious voice: 'His will is our being, our power and our speed. We are unable to do anything out of ourselves; but if He wills it, we absorb His will and are then able to do everything through it. Our beauty which is blinding your eyes is our love for Him, and this love is again nothing else but His will within us. If you want to become similar to us, do absorb His living word into your heart and act voluntarily in accordance with it, then you will like us have His word‘s almighty power and strength within you. And if He will then call you to act according to His will, all things will be possible to you and you will be able to do more than we because you have gone forth form His love, whereas we originate only from His wisdom. - Now you know how we could easily perform what amazed you so much. Do comply fully with His word in future and you, too, will be capable of most miraculous things.'

38,2. Here Cyrenius opens his eyes in surprise and says: 'So I am right after all if I regard Jesus as the sole God and Creator of the entire world?'

38,3. Say the angels: 'You are indeed right, but do not make a great fuss about it, and when you notice on Him things that are so very human, don‘t take offence at it, for all that is human would not be such unless it had not previously been of God from eternity. Therefore if He sometimes moves within to you familiar and accustomed forms, this is still not unworthy of Him, for every form, every thought was first in Him before it according to His will began to constitute and direct a free will independent of Him. There does not exist any thing or being in infinity that has not gone forth from Him. This earth and everything in and on it is nothing but His forever unchanged fixed thought and which became a reality through His word. If He - and this would be very easy for Him - were to relinquish this substantial thought in His mind and will, that same moment the earth would cease to exist and everything it contains and carries would share its lot of destruction.

38,4. However, the Lord‘s will is not like a man‘s will who wants today this and tomorrow something else. The Lord‘s will is eternally one and the same and nothing can bend it in the from eternity established order. But there nevertheless rules the greatest freedom within this order, and the Lord can do whatever He wishes and so can also every angel and man. That this is so, you can notice in your very own being and from a thousand other things.

38,5. With your actual physical form you can do as you please, and nothing but your own will can hinder you therein. But the individual actual physical form admits of no variation because it finds itself within firm divine order.

38,6. Equally you can change the earth‘s exterior considerably, digging away mountains and changing river bends. You can dry out seas and create beds for new seas. You can build bridges over seas and transform desert to blessed fruition through diligence and effort: in short, you can carry out countless changes upon earth; - yet, you cannot make the day longer by a hair‘s breadth nor the night equally shorter, and you cannot command the winds and storms.

38,7. You must endure the winter and tolerate the heat of summer, and notwithstanding all your will-power, you can change the shape and constitution of no creature. You shall never make a lamb into a lion nor a lion into a lamb; and behold, that again is God‘s rigid Order, within which indeed you have much freedom to act, notwithstanding that you cannot displace God‘s actual Order by a hair‘s breadth.

38,8. And here before you is He Who has established such order from eternity and alone can discontinue it if He so wills just as you within this fixed divine order. On which depends your existence and the existence of everything that surrounds you, you are still free in your thinking, willing and acting, all the more free is the Lord and can do whatever He wishes.

38,9. Therefore, we tell you once more: Do not take offence if the Lord moves before you in a human form, for every form is His very own work.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-38 Chapter