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Chapter 62 - Thinking within the heart.

62,1. Says Cyrenius: 'Lord, for me, thinking in the heart just will not work, because already in childhood I was taught to think in the head. Thinking within the heart seems almost impossible to me. How should one go about thinking in the heart?'

62,2. Say I: 'That‘s actually quite easy and natural. Every thing that you feel you can and want to think in your big brain first comes from the heart, for every ever so small thought first must have a stimulant through which it is called forth as necessary. Only after the thought is animated and produced in the heart in accordance with some need does it rise to the brain of the head for examination by the soul, so that the latter can set the bodily limbs into the corresponding movement, so that the inner thought may so to say become a word or deed; but for any man to think just in the head is a sheer impossibility. For a thought is a spiritual creation and can therefore not arise other than within man‘s spirit, which resides in the soul‘s heart and from these animates the entire man. How could any creation develop from any ever so rare matter, since all matter, including man‘s brain is nothing but pure matter and hence can never be a creator but only a creation?! Do you comprehend such now and perhaps sense it already that no man is capable of thinking anything in the head?'

62,3. Says Cyrenius: 'Lord, I do indeed sense this now quite vividly. But how does this take place? It now seems to me as if I had always been thinking only in the heart! Strange. How is this? Indeed, I feel actual words in the heart, and that spoken words, and it no longer seems possible to me to formulate a thought in the brain!'

62,4. Say I: 'This is the natural result of the increasing wakefulness of your spirit in the heart, which is the love towards Me and through Me to all men.

62,5. With people whose love has not yet awakened thus, the thoughts, although forming in the heart as well, on account of the latter being still too material, are not discerned within same but only in the brain, where the thoughts of the heart, already more material on account of the arousal to action, develops pictorially, amalgamating with the images which have imprinted themselves in the brain tablets [pyramids, the trans.] from the outside world through the body‘s sensors, becoming so to say material and bad in the soul‘s view and therefore having to also be regarded as the necessarily evil basis for men‘s deeds.

62,6. Every person therefore must be born again in the heart, and there in the spirit, or he cannot enter the kingdom of God!'

62,7. Says Cyrenius to Peter who was standing next to him: 'Do you actually understand this thing about the born-again spirit within the heart, and what and where the Kingdom of God actually is, about which He and the angels constantly speak, promising us this as something to coje for our faith?'

62,8. Says Peter: 'Of a truth I understand such, and if I did not understand it, I would not stay here, but would be at home attending to the household. Explore your own heart, exalted lord, and there you shall in a short time discover more that I could explain to you in a hundred years!

62,9. Look at us, His first disciples and witnesses, nevertheless speak more with Him than you and many others not by word of mouth; for we speak with Him solely in our heart asking Him about a thousand things, and He answers us in clear, distinct thoughts and thus we have a twofold benefit. For an answer by the Lord in a man‘s heart is, as it were, already his vital constituent whereas the external word can become a vital constituent only through constant activity for the soul‘s practice.

62,10. And in this way you can, exalted lord, ask also those matters regarding Satan, and the Lord shall then lay the right answer into your own heart so quietly and secretly that the myriad-eared Satan shall be incapable of hearing it! And in the same way you can also ask the Lord about the re-birth of the spirit in the heart and about the Kingdom of God, and presently the clearest answer shall be given you.'

62,11. Says Cyrenius: 'Of a truth, now I am clear about something that intrigued me a few times, - why you hardly ever speak a word with the Lord. Very well, I shall try it. If the Lord secretly shows you such grace then He will also do so with me! Because the fact that I so to say hang up my heavy official duties on a nail, spending time with Him and fortifying my soul with every word from His holy mouth, proves that I love Him beyond all measure

62,12. I think that out of sheer love for Him, I am doing and have done more for Him than all of you together, for I have known Him as a tender child, and looked after Him and his parents and brethren in then heathen‘s land abroad. And whilst you have sacrificed only your fisherman‘s nets to Him, I am ready to at once lay down my worldly honour for Him, if He were to accept it, and follow Him faithfully as the least among you, putting my life on the line for Him and yourselves, as indeed I have done already a couple of times,, not to mention what could as a result have easily befallen me out of Rome.

62,13. If I do all this out of perfect love for Him, then He should find me worthy of His grace the way He has bestowed upon you so richly?!'

62,14. Say I: 'And you possess it already, My dearest friend and brother. But that which you already possess you do not have to still seek and contend for as if you didn‘t as yet have it. Hence be at peace and try in your heart to ask Me whatever at all, and I shall lay the answer clearly, distinctly, understandably and audibly in your heart, which truly loves Me above all else!'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-62 Chapter