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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-64 Chapter

Chapter 64 - About the nature, life and work of nature spirits.

64,1. Cyrenius is put at ease with this advice, but Kisjonah now gets up asking Me whether he too could ask a question about an arrangement I had made which turned out unnecessary.

64,2. Say I: 'Speak, friend of friends and enemies.'

64,3. Says Kisjonah: 'Behold, when we were about to pick up the residue from the cave in my mountains, You commanded that bread and wine in the right quantity be taken along, as we would meet many hungry and thirsty ones there. Thereupon I had a large quantity of bread and wine taken along, afterwards I waited near and in the grotto for anyone in need of the bread and wine that might come. Yet behold, no one turned up to whom the provisions could be passed.

64,4. When we had come out of the grotto, and after You had same blocked off for ever through Your power in Archiel, we found ourselves without bread or wine, and none of the carriers could tell me as to who relieved them of the bread and wine. For sure, I did not notice it at the miraculous time, either inside or outside the cave, but the following day, after You departed from Kis, my entire house of course spoke of nothing other than Yourself; and - the way people are - especially at such miraculous happening, at least twice as many deeds were discussed as You had performed, according to my knowledge. I admonished the story tellers for many of the related stories which the tellers presumed to have seen You perform, declaring them as inventions of their heated imagination, resulting in the end as no more than pious lies; but the telling of the disappearance of the bread and wine that were brought along really had me puzzled as well. Because I could really not remember what had happened to the large quantities of bread and wine brought along as we had not consumed any.'

64,5. Say I: 'I knew indeed that this would cause you to come after Me; but there truly is not as much to it as you imagine. But since you came to get in the clear also about this, I have to throw some light on it for you, and so hearken.

64,6. Behold, there are certain nature spirits in the mountains as well as in the air, in the earth, the water and fire which have not yet taken the road through the old flesh because an opportunity has not yet offered itself where they could on the occasion of a human act of procreation enter the flesh in order to be born into the world through the body of a woman. There are great numbers of such still unborn souls in all the elements.

64,7. Well, the nature spirits active in the mountains have assumed from the air somehow more consistency. These are not particularly keen on being procreated into the flesh and then born in the flesh out of a woman. With their sometimes quite acute intelligence they prefer to remain as long as possible in their free and unbound state. They even possess a sense of justice and fear the Spirit of God about whom they sometimes know a good deal, this means always only a few who have aged already considerably; the young spirits accepted in this society are normally still quite gloomy and sometimes also evil and could cause a lot of harm if not kept on a short leash by the elders. Their main activity is to form, produce and order all kinds of metals in the fissures and crevices of mountains.

64,8. At times such spirits also take food from nature, namely out of the plant kingdom. Such they do during hard work in the kingdom of the mountains when transforming the rocks, when eroding large sections of a mountain, when emptying water from overfilled grottos and similar tasks where these spirits often are full out required to participate, so that they, often too intense irritated, should loose their love for the mountains and try to be conceived into the flesh, for especially from now on no spirit can reach a fully living free bliss, who did not walked the path of the flesh.

64,9. These spirits, My dear Kisjonah, and especially the ones that look after your mountains, were faced with a particularly hard task when the vile cave had to be blocked up, and they had to be fortified for this work with bread and wine. And I was speaking of these when I said: ‗We shall find many hungry and thirsty who will need such refreshment.‘ It was also consumed without any leftovers and then at My angel‘s bidding the extremely hard labour was completed to perfection. This is now the fully enlightening answer to your question. - Is this clear to you?'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-64 Chapter