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Chapter 17 - The wise legislation in Mathael's kingdom at the Pontus.

17,1. Roklus says, “Satisfied or not, - what can we do against your power? The powerless worms must be alright with everything; woe betide them because if they start to move a little in their insignificant dust they will immediately be spotted by blithe birds in the sky, get caught and be eaten! The weak one must obey the mighty if he wants to live, and so we will now have to obey the lord, lord Mark if we do not want to be eaten. But - to be honest - it is not at all pleasing that this old, gruff warrior will rule over all of us because he is the most ruthless man we have ever met. He is just, nobody can deny that and due to his vast experience he always has a sound and correct judgment; for the rest, however, he is the most unsociable man and there is no question of humanity with him! Well, well, congratulations to us that he became our authority! Truly, our children, our children’s children and we will be able to talk about good times! Emigrating would be best, of course - but where to?”

17,2. Mathael stands up at this point and says, “Good, if you want to emigrate then immigrate to my kingdom, which lies beyond Asia minor on the vast Pontus [Black sea]! It is a large kingdom bordered by two large seas, in the west by the Pontus and in the east by MARE CASPIUM [the Caspian Sea]. There you will be able to live securely and very peacefully under my most strict laws. I only tell you that not even the appearance of an unjust activity may be found in my kingdom, and every lie is punished most fiercely and unrelentingly; but the completely just, truth loving, and selfless citizen shall have the best life under my iron scepter!

17,3. No one shall be tribute free; whoever has the strength for one or the other job shall work and earn something for themselves! Whoever earns something can also pay a tribute to the king, who always has to see about the well-being of the whole kingdom and thus must always be provided with many, large treasures in order to have an army that is strong enough to fight any bold enemy.

17,4. He, the mighty king, must support schools and jails and must build at the borders of the kingdom strong, insurmountable fortresses that an enemy will not easily surpass, - and a lot of money is needed for that.

17,5. You see from that how a king must strictly make sure that every person pays him the mandatory tribute; so, you can now immigrate to my kingdom if the duties that I will unrelentingly demand from any subject suit you! You have my permission; if Rome’s yoke will be too heavy under old Mark’s administration, you already know where you can emigrate!

17,6. In order to make all my laws generally known to you I am also telling you that no one is given an unrestricted acquisition right. Everyone is free to gather a fortune, but the number ‘ten thousand pounds’ may never be exceeded, not even under pain of death. Everything that anyone might gain above that, he would have to faithfully pay over to the common treasury; in a contrary case, which in my opinion is quickly discovered and proven, the violator of this highly beneficial law for the public weal of all my people will lose his entire fortune and also receive other fierce punishments.

17,7. In addition, no one is permitted to gain the allowed ten thousand pounds in too short a time because it is evident that such gaining in too short a time is not possible without all sorts of deceit and different violent extortions other than through a gift or inheritance or a possible trove.

17,8. In case of gifts, inheritances and findings of all sorts there is a very wise regulation in my kingdom that half of those is to be given to the treasury, from which first of all the underage children are raised and fed, as well as other poor people incapable of any work. In short, the decree in my kingdom is that no one in it shall be in need, but also no one shall have unnecessary surplus! One would have to be an extraordinary good, wise and just person to be allowed to own twenty thousand pounds, - but more than that no one in my entire kingdom, except for me and my most trusted magistrates and commanders!

17,9. If you are satisfied with this constitution of mine, pack your things and relocate to my kingdom!”

17,10. Roklus says, “Oh fine king of the Pontus and Mare Caspium, we wish you a lot of luck in your kingdom, but we will not make use of your offer! We are rather Roman slaves than the very first subjects in your kingdom. No, we can do without such a constitution! The moors there surely have a more humane one! Is there another king here who wants to make us such a wonderful offer?! [017,11] Your regime might be good if one gets used to it like the ox with its yoke; but now? Listen, we would sooner have ten cities burn over our heads and twenty Marks set to rule over us! Goodbye, wise king of the ice gray north!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-17 Chapter