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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-243 Chapter

Chapter 243 - The consequences of the wrong conception of the world beyond.

1. Only the Pharisees were not in agreement and the scribe said: “This matter sounds of course quite hopeful; but it does not agree with the concept of an opposite everlasting reward. Since if the good person is compensated for his good actions, for his patience of pain and suffering of all kind, with an everlasting reward, also the malefactor, living in continuous luxury on this earth, should receive everlasting punishment.

2. And if one would preach to the people that finally also from hell a redemption is possible, then there will be even more malefactors on earth! Now, the fear for an everlasting punishment in hell, prevents many people from committing evil actions, and the hope for reaching everlasting bliss, encourages people to do good! But if we accept that also the damned have a possible chance to become blissful, then also the good will turn more and more to them, and the pure good will become so scarce on earth like diamonds. This is quite a consolation for a weak heart, - but the feeling for justice is thereby diminished. This is my very straight opinion.”

3. Said I (The Lord): “For you it might be straight, but for Me it is very crooked! If you believe that either hell or heaven are serving as a motivation to prevent people from doing evil and guide people to do good, you are still filled with an utterly wrong belief; for the very evil person laughs about your hell and your heaven, and the very good person is good without your hell and your heaven. Since heaven and hell, as put by yourself, are really suited to make every person as evil as possible.

4. For, whoever does good for only the reward, lends his money for high interest, and whoever does this, has no neighbourly love, and even less so any love for God. For whoever does not love his neighbour, whom he can see, how can he love God, whom he cannot see?

5. But lets take away heaven and hell and, afterwards, take a look at your devout people! They will begin to rage and rave even worse than an extremely profit greedy broker, whose debtor has run away with his loan money; and because they do not have to fear the punishment of hell anymore, such people can only be restrained by sanctioned world laws.

6. Already in the beginning the people behaved badly, when the elders described hell to their children as hot as possible and painted heaven with all the colours of light and an all indulging comfort for human senses. Thereby they effectuated a kind of fear of God, which, however, never turned into any true love for God and the neighbour, because hell was much easier to attain, instead, it degenerated into an even bigger fear in weaker souls, and with the stronger souls that possessed greater light within, it effectuated a complete indifference towards God and their fellow-men. For, these stronger persons believed in nothing for themselves, but in a token gesture, they played along, to keep the common people in their belief, in hopes that they would not rise up against those for whom they had to work, so that they could prepare the ultimate heaven on earth for themselves, for the lost belief in a God, heaven and hell.

7. Another consequence of it is the almost utter godlessness among the people currently, who would have long since risen up against their masters with the greatest rage, and would have asked them for the reason why they have to serve and submit to them, if it wasn’t for the worldly laws of Rome sanctioned by the sword preventing them from doing so.

8. See, all this is a result of such a feeling of justice in the human soul, which always, just like you, preaches to the people with the sharpest of words, that God always rewards the good in heaven, but as a consequence of His relentless justice, He also punishes the evil forever in the most terrifying hell, with unheard of tortures, and without any relief!

9. O you fools! Does there exist a father with only a little love for his children, who would throw one of his children into the dungeon for the rest of its life, if it committed a mistake against his order, and would, on top of it, chastise it daily for as long it lives?! If no human father could even do this, being basically bad, since he is a human, how much less will the Father in heaven do so, who is the everlasting and purest love and goodness itself!

10. Or just imagine for yourself a truly wise and quite reasonable person on earth! Will he ever approve of an everlasting punishment for a sinner, or will he award anybody with such punishment? Surely not, - and even less so the most wise God!

11. But I tell you, that in the future, among My true followers, no punishment and not even temporary penalties should exist, even though until now it said: ‘Life for a life, eye for an eye and tooth for tooth.’ If someone slaps you in the face, do not hit him back, but present your other cheek as well, so that he can give you another slap, otherwise he cannot have peace with you, so that, in the end, there will be peace and unity between you! If someone has struck you and you have lost an eye, do not do the same to him, but forgive him, and as someone suffering, you will better his heart. Never repay evil with evil, and as My true disciples you will have peace in the world, and thereby you will show, that you are truly My disciples!” {Ex.21,24; lev.24,19. 20; Mt.05,38; Mt.05,39; lk.06,29; rÖm.12,17; 1 thess.05,15; 1 petr.03,09}

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-243 Chapter