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Chapter 77 - On a mountain near Capernaum.

77,1. After the morning meal was consumed, we all climbed a considerable high mountain nearby Capernaum. Also the innkeeper and the daughter awakened from death, came along and the innkeeper instructed a servant to carry some bread and wine with him, since beforehand I told him quietly that we will stay on the mountain until evening. He also ordered another servant to take two of the largest noble fish as a present to the head priest. This also took place and we immediately started our journey and within a couple of hours quite easily climbed the mountain. From this quite favourable position high on the mountain one could overlook a large part of the Galilean Sea and one could even see the ship which was still battling with the waves of the sea.

77,2. Then the innkeeper said: “The foolish people on the ship most probably do not have food anymore and will thus severely be tormented by hunger!”

77,3. Said I: “They still have some soaked bread and this is sufficient for their evilness! But they already have let go of their evil plans and will now try a return journey, for which a wind will help them. But they nevertheless will have to endure a lot of fear before reaching the coast; since it should not be made too easy for them to get from the water onto firm and dry land!”

77,4. Said the innkeeper: “You know Lord, I do not feel any pity for the evil clerics, - but the poor shipmates will not be rewarded for their hard work and fear but on top will be punished, because the Pharisees will accuse them for not be not be able to get the ship to shore!”

77,5. Said I: “O, don’t worry about that! These are solid Greeks from the area of Tiberias; they will not loose anything! They also still have sufficient food as smoked fish, smoked pork and double baked wheat bread. They also have a few tubes of wine in the back of the ship and since the clerics do not really want to eat their soaked, unleavened bread, they buy the food from the shipmates for a lot of money and accept for the fear of a possible sinking of the ship, they do not suffer any need otherwise. Therefore do not worry about them anymore; since with a lot of troubles and effort they will have reached the shore towards evening!”

77,6. With that all were content and nobody wanted to think about the ship any longer.

77,7. But the innkeeper came now with a new question and said: “Lord, since You know everything whatever is happening, you will also know what the disciple Judas Ischariot, who left You the day before yesterday, is doing and where he is right now!”

77,8. Said I: “Also him we will let go! The day after tomorrow he will be coming back to us; since I will not prevent him doing so. But now we will enjoy the very nice view and you should pay attention to the teaching I have given you this morning, and someone should instruct the unknowledgeable, and you will find true joy in it!”

77,9. This was also carried out and all kept themselves busy with that until evening. They even would have forgotten about the bread and wine which was carried along, if the daughter of the innkeeper would not have reminded them about it, because she herself was reminded by it through her own little hunger and thirst.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-77 Chapter