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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-101 Chapter

Chapter 101 - About the Indian religions.

101,1. Then the magician said: “Yes, lovely and incomprehen-sible wise young friend. You are only 16 years old, how did you come at this youthful age to such wisdom, which I even have never seen with men of a riper age? What kind of school did you visit and who was your master?”

101,2. Raphael said: “This is not taught by any teacher in no matter what school in the world, but this is God’s Spirit that is teaching it to those who love Him above all and his fellowman as himself. You also say that you are lying to your people and deceiving them out of love, and therefore are doing them a great favor because otherwise, according to you, they had to despair. But I tell you, that this is a great mistake. There were already a lot of men among your people who were enlightened by God and who in their heart had as less appreciation for you as I have. But they are very afraid for your punishment and penance that you are inflicting to them, and therefore they are outwardly pretending that they are respecting you, but inside they are despising you more than death itself, and they have all reasons for that. However, if you would leave out as soon as possible, one by one your many stupidities and unnecessary cruelties and replace them with those things about which I have told you, then the people would praise and honor you more than now.”

101,3. The magician said: “Yes, yes, your are totally right if it would only depend on us, for we, followers of the Zientu-Viesta (Pure Visions) and the Zan-skrit are in fact not so cruel at all and have much mercy with the people. But in fact they are the followers of the very miserable Zou Rou Az To (Why do you stir up?), who put the deity in the fire, who in their teaching, morals and customs are committing all kinds of cruelties regarding their people. We have driven them away unto the coasts of the great sea but we could not destroy them completely. And because they also partly adhered to our supreme priesthood and submitted to us, they were tolerated by us, but were never considered as righteous. So, concerning our Upper-Indian people, these could slowly but surely be brought to something better, but those who live along the coast and who are the followers of the Stirrers, hardly, because they came to believe too strongly in delusions.

101,4. We, who have heard the pure truth from you, will surely do everything to bring this truth also slowly to the other people, but of course we first have to test this full truth that we received from you, first to ourselves. If it appears to be completely true, then we will not lack the zeal. If however, your teaching – against our expectation – seems actually not to be true, then of course we still will keep you in high esteem and bear in mind that for the realization of what you in a certain way have promised us, we are by far not worthy of it. But then, we will not tamper with the – until now – still quiet belief of the people.

101,5. If however, we have found a somewhat justifiable track of the true God, then we also will be as zealous as possible to announce it in the right manner – for the moment anyway – to the better and more enlightened part of the people. With this, we have now settled this case fast and as good as possible. And you, young, loveliest, wise friend, we thank you a lot for your serious trouble, and let us keep the sanctified memory of you and of this hour in our heart. This will be our continuous comfort on all our far and difficult paths of life.

101,6. You, who have the unspeakable joy to have found at such a young age the only true God and the immortality, remember also our spiritual poverty when you will stand before your holy and eternal Creator. Ask Him if He also would like to give to us poor Indians the true light of life of our soul, and also to make known His holy will to us.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-101 Chapter