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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Jesus elucidates… Destiny or free will, Volume 7 – Chapter 52 & 121)

Chapter 121 - The guidance of humanity. Knowledge, intellect and free will.

121,1. I said: “If your memory would be better as it is right now you still would remember very well that this point was discussed already quite often and was also explained by Me in such a way that it was easy to understand. But your memory has already diminished in some way compared to what it was before and so you did not notice what I already have said a few times before concerning such subjects. But that does not matter, we still have the time and therefore I still can say something about it to you all. So listen:

121,2. He who has not yet created a sun, a moon, a habitable Earth, plants, animals and men, knows certainly not how all these creatures have to be guided, sustained and brought to their ultimate goal. I, however, know all this and have established an eternal order, without which nobody could achieve anything.

121,3. Man, as My complete image, must also have a perfect free will by which he has to – as far as his spiritual part is concerned – transform and strengthen himself, and make himself free from My omnipotence, so that one day he may stand next to Me and live and act as a strong, free, independent and arbitrary being.

121,4. Look, all creatures are subject to laws, which are established by Me. Also man, where his body is concerned. Only the soul and the spirit of man are not. That is, as far as his will and the freedom of learning and the realization of everything are concerned. The form and the structure of the soul in all its parts is of course also subject to laws which are established by Me, but only in such a way, that, precisely because of the free will in man, he can become either very noble and strong or very ignoble and weak.

121,5. But the free will of man would be of little or no use at all if he would not have the possibility to learn and to recognize freely, and from that, a reasoning that shows to the will what is good and true and what is wrong and bad.

121,6. Only when man has gathered knowledge and has sharpened and awakened his intellect, the revelation of the divine will is added, which shows man the true way to eternal life and God. Then man can either accept this revelation or not, since also in relation to God he must have a completely free will, or else he would not be a human being but an animal that has no free will but only an instinct which it cannot resist.

121,7. In the beginning, only one human pair was placed on Earth, and the man was called ‘Adam’ and the woman ‘Eve’. God provided this first human pair with all abilities. They had a deep understanding, a clear intellect and a very powerful free will by which all other creatures had to bow down.

121,8. In addition to these abilities they also received a clear and easy to understand revelation from the mouth of God, which showed them freely and openly what they had to do to reach the goal that has been set by God on the shortest and easiest travelable way. But besides that, God let them also know that they were completely free and could also act contrary to the will which was revealed by God, by allowing them to be seduced by the flesh and the matter of the world. However, thereby they would bring a judgment over themselves and by that also their death.

121,9. Well, this went very well for a certain period of time, but soon the sensual desire – represented symbolically by Moses in the form of a snake – became victorious over the realization gained from the divine revelation of what is good and true, and they transgressed the commandment in order to see what would be the result of that.

121,10. And look, what the first human pair did is now done by almost all human beings.

121,11. God has never failed to give great and small revelations, yet He has never forced any human being to heed them. However, blessed is the one who does heed them and directs his life accordingly.

121,12. The first human pair had surely received the purest and best education from God and would have been able to pass this on, unadulterated, to all their descendants. But just look at the people 2,000 years later at the time of Noah. Then you will see that they are changed into malicious devils.

121,13. Did the first human beings on Earth ever lack the best education? Oh no! Have they not given it also to their children? Yes, sure, and always in the purest way. However, men felt within also the impulse to go against the commandments of God, because that was pleasing to their body, and thereby their lives fell into total decay and complete ungodliness. And when God sent men to them and admonished them in a fatherly manner to return to Him, such men were soon excommunicated, expelled and some of them were even killed in a cruel manner.

121,14. Finally, those people who had turned their back to God even began to destroy the Earth, and then their measure was full. They themselves opened up the gates of the subterranean great waters, which then gushed over the evil ones by which they were all drowned.

121,15. This however, was not a judgment directly coming from God’s will, but a judgment that was allowed, that had to happen in this way because of the inner structure of the Earth. Because if you jump down from a high rock-face crashing and killing yourself, this is also a judgment that comes over you, but not by the will of God, but because the Earth is arranged in such a way that everything that is heavy certainly has to fall down, what man, by his intellect, is quite capable of knowing.

121,16. Therefore, no human being on Earth is so helpless that he could not help himself if he really wants, but if already from his childhood he does not want that, he can only blame himself if he comes into distress. And what I am saying now of one person applies also to a whole nation.

121,17. There is no nation on Earth that could not help itself quite well if it only wanted to. But where is the will? Yes there is more than enough will for doing what is evil and bad, but for the spiritual, which is purely good and true the good will is lacking because it is not according to the sensuality of the flesh. And the soul of someone who does not have such good will, as also the soul of an entire nation, goes over into the judgment and the death of matter, and then is unable and unwilling to listen, to absorb and to understand from what is of the spirit, of its light and its life. And if one wants to wake up such souls who are imprisoned in their flesh, they become mad and furious, fall upon those who are trying to wake them up, like wolves upon lambs, and strangle and tear them pitiless to pieces without any mercy.

121,18. Is that then also God’s fault if such people for the above-mentioned reasons come into the greatest and most ungodly blindness of their soul, in which state they remain for thousands of years? If God allows a warning judgment to come over such people, this is surely fatherly good and wise, for only great misery of the flesh can turn away the soul from matter and turn him toward the spiritual. Do you understand this?”

121,19. Agricola said: “Yes Lord, this is now very clear to me. I ask You for forgiveness that I have dared to ask You for a justification, because I still was very blind.”

121,20. I said: “I like people with your character, who take the truth seriously. But now let us look again at the column of fire.”

121,21. Then it was silent again. The 3 magicians went aside and started a discussion about Me.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-121 Chapter