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Chapter 124 - Called and chosen.

124,1. Look, this statement has to be considered and understood this way: all men on this Earth are called and predestined to light and life, but not everyone can be chosen to be a teacher of men, because this would also not be good at all for men. Would it be good for men – whose main destiny it is to serve one another – if they possessed everything and were capable to make everything? Thereby men would not need each other anymore and neighborly love would be nothing but an idle and meaningless word, as I have explained to My disciples already many times. Then men would not even need a language anymore. What would be the use of it if nobody would need anything from the other?

124,2. I tell you that with such a sameness in men’s talents and their abilities and appearance, their places to live, and their possessions, and having the same enlightenment, that they would still be on the level of animals, and actually even below of that.

124,3. In order that human beings may be human beings and not animals, everything has been distributed among them in a great variety. One has this, the other one that, and therefore one has to come to the other to be for him a teacher or a helper in one thing or another.

124,4. And so also in the sphere of recognition of the inner light of life there must be a few special elect ones to show the true light of life to the many called ones, and the called ones should then listen, believe and act in accordance with what they are taught by the chosen possessors of light.

124,5. If however, the called ones faithfully accept what they are taught, they are in quite as good a position as the elect and often even better, for an elect who carries the living light within him but does not live in accordance with it, will later on be summoned to a stricter account of his badly used talents than the one who was only called and had only to listen, to believe and be willing to act.

124,6. Look, the chosen ones are My helpers and the called ones are My servants and children.

124,7. But to show you even more clearly that a chosen one is on this Earth in no way better than a called one, I will make it more clear by means of a parable. So listen to Me.

124,8. There was once a king who for his household had 10 first helpers. At one time, this king had to make a long trip to take possession of a new kingdom that came under his care.

124,9. But before he left, he called the 10 helpers to him, gave each of them 10 pounds and said: ‘Make good business with this until I come back.’

124,10. When the citizens (called ones) heard about this, they got angry with the king because with his departure he also did not give them any pounds and talents to manage.

124,11. They even send messengers after the king saying to him: ‘We do not want this king anymore to rule over us, because why should we be less than his helpers while we also have served him just like his helpers.’

124,12. However, the time came when the king came back, after he had taken possession of the new kingdom. When he was back in his fortress, he soon called the same helpers to him, those to whom he entrusted money, to see how much each one of them had gained with it.

124,13. The first one came to him and said: ‘Lord, look, your pound has gained 10 pounds.’

124,14. Then the king said to him: ‘Well done, useful helper. Because you were loyal in everything, you will now rule over 10 cities.’

124,15. After this, another helper came, who said: ‘Lord, your pound has gained 5 pounds.’

124,16. And the king said to him: ‘For this you will rule over 5 cities.’

124,17. Then came a third one, the least good one out of the 10 helpers and said: ‘Lord, see, the pound that you entrusted to me, I saved it in a sweat cloth until your return. I was afraid of you because you are a hard man, because you take what you did not put away and you reap what you did not sow.’

124,18. Upon this, the king spoke: ‘Listen, I judge you according to your own words. You are a rascal. If you knew that I am a hard man and take what I did not put away and reap what I did not sow, why then did you not put my money at the bank, so that at my return my money would have earned interest?’

124,19. Upon this, the king spoke further to those who were with him as helpers: ‘Take from this rascal the pound and give it to the first one who already has 10 pounds.’

124,20. And the helpers said to the lord: ‘O king, this one already has 10 pounds. Why must he receive also this 1 pound?’

124,21. I Myself reply upon this to you all: who has, to him shall be given even more, so that he will have abundantly. Him who however, has not, from him will be taken away even that which he had. Those however who did not want that the king should rule over them, have sinned, and therefore they shall be strangled with all the night and darkness of the judgment and the death of the soul.

124,22. You see my friend, this is how matters are with Me, and that will not change. To the one who has, will be given much more until he has abundantly. From the one however who has not, from him will be taken away even the little that has been entrusted to him, and it will be given to the one who already has a lot.

124,23. But the many called ones, who did not want to listen to the voice of the helpers and did not want that the Lord of light and life should rule over them and bring everything to life, those will be strangled by the darkness in their own heart. The lazy helper will however have to wait long until he will be entrusted again another pound.

124,24. And do tell Me now how you like this parable. Do you agree with the king or not?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-124 Chapter