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Chapter 182 - A remarkable sunrise.

182,1. The next morning on the Sabbath, about a quarter of an hour before sunrise, I stood up from My chair and went directly outside. Peter, James and John noticed it immediately and came also outside before the sun came up.

182,2. We went to the top of the hill, but we were not alone for a long time because the 7 Upper-Egyptians came soon behind us and the first Upper-Egyptian said: “Lord, forgive us that we have immediately followed You. On this Earth we surely will never be able to follow You in the flesh, and this Earth will certainly never more experience the endless rare happiness that its Creator will still set His bodily foot upon it. But we have the indescribable happiness to be eye and ear witnesses of this wonder, which is the greatest of Your endless eternal wondrous acts. And therefore it would be a gross sin to loose You out of sight even for one moment and not to hear each word that comes from Your mouth.”

182,3. I said: “Whoever follows Me will never walk the wrong way, and salvation to all those who think just like you. But, as you easily can see, there are still many who are still very deep asleep, although the sun is at the point of rising. However, let us leave them in their sleep. They also will wake up at a right hour of the day. But many will only wake up in their evening-life and this awakening in the night of their live will give them little comfort.

182,4. Those who will still wake up during a clear starry night will still be well off. But not so good will it be for those who will wake up during an evening which is densely clouded, because they will have to endure a wakeful, long, dark and very comfortless night. Even if they will want to sleep during such a dark night, no sleep will come over them. That will be a bad time on this Earth. But whoever is watching even during the most dark night until the end of his earthly days will be blessed.”

182,5. Here Peter asked Me: “Lord, then it will look bad for all those who like to sleep long while the day has already begun. Or those, like some, who by their desire for sleeping want to sleep even the whole day. Can those people still not be helped on time?”

182,6. I said to him: “But Simon Juda, how long will I have to suffer you in your foolishness? Did I talk about the natural sleep of the body? Now look to these 7 gentiles. How often will they put you, an arch-Jew, to shame? They have well understood Me. Then why not you, while you are still already so long with Me?”

182,7. Peter said: “Lord, please be patient with my still great lack of understanding in so many things.”

182,8. I said: “This I surely have, but you will still stay Peter. But My Spirit – and never your flesh – will bring you to a higher understanding when I have ascended.

182,9. But now, look all of you carefully to this sunrise that will be very special today for this region on Earth. Let everyone of you ask himself if he has understood it also in a spiritual sense. Because everything that happens on this natural world cannot happen in a different way than by what is flowing down from God’s Heavens. And what is flowing inside the natural worlds by the Heavens of all angels comes initially from Me. Therefore, be very careful, because also the nature must in your presence witness of Me.”

182,10. When I said these words, the sun rose above the horizon and when it stood about a half degree above the horizon, another sun arose above the horizon, but 1 degree more to the north, completely like the first and real sun. This was namely a complete developed secondary sun, which really belongs to the rare phenomena.

182,11. The Upper-Egyptians knew immediately what was happening and the first Upper-Egyptian said: “Lord, such phenomena are rarely so bright in our region. I myself have only seen one after the rainy season and that is 40 years ago. Out of my inner view I also could explain the spiritual meaning of this phenomenon.”

182,12. I said: “This I do know, because you are still in the old church of Noah in which men until Abraham’s time were still in connection with the angels, with the exception of the descendants of Nimrod who in the first place kept themselves busy with the world, and for this reason had fallen. Therefore, you have also a real revelation in yourselves and you understand the inner meaning of this phenomenon. But with My disciples this is by far still not the case. They are full of faith and good will but they can only receive the full light when the 7 Spirits out of God are in full order present in them.

182,13. Therefore, for the salvation of all nations I have to lead them outwardly, so that they can perform their actions completely out of their own will according to My eternal order, and that is why I also want to hear from them what they have to say about this phenomenon. And therefore, Simon Juda, you can speak now.”

182,14. Peter said: “O Lord, if I have to explain this now out of myself, it truly will not come easy to me. I see now 2 perfect suns and do not even know which one is the real one. And down there on the street there are also a lot of people looking at this phenomenon. They probably know still less about it than me. I, who am supposed to be considered already as a wise man, do not understand anything of it. Then how must this phenomenon appear to those people down there?”

182,15. With this, Peter tried to avoid My question, but I said: “Those people down there do not concern us now. I am only occupied with you now and I see that you do not understand this phenomenon. Therefore I must ask it to My James.”

182,16. Also James said: “My Lord and Master. I also cannot do it one hair better than my brother Simon Juda. I also do not know which of the 2 suns is in fact the real one, because the first one is equally big as the other, and both of them are giving equally as much light. Also the birds in the sky seem to find it strange because they keep quiet and do not make any sound, and it seems as if they want to say by that: ‘Which one is the real one? Because a fake one we do not want to greet with our singing.”

182,17. I said: “What you said was good, although you did not understand it yourself. But if you do not understand these phenomena, then what will you say when there, further to the south, still another third sun will come up? Now look, as a beginning it is already present in the sky in the form of vapor. And soon, by surprise, there will be a third sun that will look exactly the same as these 2 suns. Look it is already shining.”

182,18. Now another third completely developed sun was visible. The people in the street began to be afraid and many of them were running away and ran into the nearest houses. Those who were not so much afraid continued to watch this rare natural phenomenon. The birds in the sky became very restless and soon we could see also a lot of eagles and vultures flying around. They were chasing one another. And when the pigeons and other small birds noticed the many mighty enemies above them, they also flew away and hid themselves as good as possible.

182,19. Here the Upper-Egyptian was making the remark: “It is truly remarkable. When I watched this same phenomenon 40 years ago in my dwelling place – but then only with one secondary sun – also then a lot of similar birds of prey came immediately in the sky, fighting with one another, which otherwise is very rarely the case. Today the lions and the panthers will also war with one another. But what the meaning of that third sun is, I also do not understand it completely, yet I can perceive a certain idea in myself.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-182 Chapter