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Chapter 210 - The trip to Tyre.

The trip to Tyre (18/29)

210,1. observed much better in the morning light than in the evening light. Besides, there was also the scenery of plants and even more of the animal world that in a certain way came to life again. And we were enjoying the free nature for more than 1 hour.

210,2. After that, Joseph talked to the Greek about the necessary construction material, and he asked if he possessed the necessary quantity of wood and if it was well dried.

210,3. Then the Greek said: ‘Master Joseph, there is certainly something, but if it will be enough, that, your discernment will have to determine. If ever there is lacking something, well, then I have here this beautiful forest of cedars, which certainly can provide us with what we are lacking. After the morning meal you can have a look at the construction material which I have gathered. As far as I can evaluate it, I really think that there will be sufficient construction material.’

210,4. Joseph said: ‘That is good, that we will do right after the morning meal and after that we will make a construction plan.’

210,5. I said: ‘We can save ourselves this work and trouble for today, because tomorrow we will not need any construction material and still less a construction plan. I thought of going to Tyre today and take a look around that place to see if there is anybody who will need our help.’

210,6. Also with this, the Greek agreed and said: ‘But then we must try to go quickly on our way with my pack animals, because it will take well 7 hours from here to reach Tyre.’

210,7. We agreed on his proposal and thus we went immediately to have our morning meal, which was already prepared, and a little less than 1 hour later we cheerfully were on our way to Tyre. Our little group continued without delay and so we reached the city after only 5 hours, of which the Greek was very surprised. And he readily admitted that he never covered this way in such a short time, because for a normal caravan it would have taken a full day to travel through this very vast region. Consequently, this trip was for our Greek also a little miracle.

210,8. When we arrived in Tyre, we chose our accommodation in a good inn, and the Greek ordered immediately a midday meal according to Jewish tradition, because there was much fish in store and also the wine did not lack, especially the Greek wine. We relaxed a little because the trip had tired us somehow. During this pause our midday meal was ready and we consumed it immediately. The Greek paid at once everything and then he went with us to a place from where the sea and the many ships could be viewed.

210,9. When we had sufficiently watched the sea, the waves and all kinds of ships, Joseph said: ‘Now that we have seen the most typical of this city, and the way to the place from where we came is equally as long as the way to this place, it will be time now to be on our way home again.’

210,10. I said: ‘O Joseph, this can still wait. And they soon will need our presence here. Just look over there, how a big ship that is still far away has difficulties to fight against the storm that is growing stronger. Cyrenius is on that ship. We may not let him sink. He was in Asia Minor and is now coming home again, but because of that storm he cannot come to land. He truly has showed us great friendship before and now it is our turn to help him, and this is actually the reason why I wanted to be in Tyre today.’

210,11. Joseph said: How can we go completely over those raging waves to help the governor there?’

210,12. I said: ‘Did you not see yesterday how My will also reached to the sun? If I was able to command the sun, then I also will be able now to command the sea. I could have done that from afar, but it is now better that we are all here. Later on you will understand more clearly why. But now, most of all, help is needed, and later on we can talk.’

210,13. Then I stretched out My hands over the raging waves and said aloud: ‘Calm down, raging monster! I want it, and so be it!’

210,14. When I had said those words, the sea was suddenly completely calm, and the ship of Cyrenius was quickly pulled by an invisible power to the save shore, and in this way he was saved from a sure sinking, together with all the others.

210,15. On the place where I had accomplished that, many other people were present, who were very surprised and were wondering what kind of Man I was, since the elements were obeying Me. Some of them thought that I must be a famous magician, others thought that I was a pious Man and was therefore under the grace of the gods who answered My requests. Again others noticed that I was a Jew, and Jews often had powerful prophets, and that maybe I was a seer of the Jews or maybe even of the Essenes. Consequently they had lively conversations, but still nobody dared to approach Me and ask Me who I was.

210,16. The ship came to the shore and everybody was hurrying to it in order to greet the governor. But we stayed where we were.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-210 Chapter