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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-33 Chapter

Chapter 33 - The seventh commandment.

33,1. (The Lord:) “What shortcomings do you find in the seventh commandment or at least what you do not understand? Just keep on talking with courage; since your criticism and doubts are also shortcomings and doubts in the soul of many who are present here. What does the seventh basic commandment of Moses say?”

33,2. Said Helias: “O Lord, in this commandment, after I have received the right light from You, I do not find any shortcomings or gaps anymore! It says: ‘You shall not steal!’ There again true neighbourly love is at the top of consideration! Since what I in a reasonable way do not wish, that it happens to me, I should not do to my neighbour; and thus I can see anew, how the complete old law of Moses and surely also all the prophets, are contained in Your two commandments of love. I also realise now, how the law of neighbourly love purely arises out of mercy as the mightiest of the seven spirits of God in the heart of man and penetrates and revives the whole person and makes him good and truly wise. But who is good and wise, will surely never ever take anything which belongs to his neighbour. And with that the seventh commandment is in complete order and I can find no shortcomings at all.”

33,3. Said I: “Good, My now much more dear Helias, this your critique of the law of Moses which is of pure divine origin and hence also the most flawlessly wise law for the true welfare of all mankind, is for Me of unbelievably greater worth than all of your previous quite sharp criticisms. But this will not prevent us from subjecting the remaining three laws to a quite sharp criticism, and thus let us immediately start with the eight law! What does it say? Just speak quite boldly and give your tongue free reign, and you will give Me a lot of joy!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-33 Chapter