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Chapter 40 - Lazarus and Raphael serve the strangers.

40,1. When I sat at the table again, I called Raphael and Lazarus and indicated to both of them that the strangers from the city were already approaching and they should take care that they (the strangers) be accommodated and served in the tents to prevent for them coming into the rooms of the house.

40,2. Then Lazarus asked by saying: “Lord, it is already dark since the sun has gone down. What should we do regarding light? We have the right number of lights for the house; but do not have any lights inside the tents, and thus I would like to ask You, o Lord, to help me. Because if the tents are dark, the strangers will come into the house where there is light.”

40,3. Said I: “That is why I will let Raphael go with you; he will do to you what is necessary, as he has done during lunch. And as such you can go outside. But go now since the strangers are already arriving!”

40,4. Lazarus with Raphael and his innkeeper went outside and found to his great surprise, that all the tents were brightly lit and all the tables were well served with wine and a variety of food. Then also came the servants of the house and asked Lazarus and the innkeeper, where all the food and wine came from, since they as the servants of the house did not know anything about it.

40,5. And Lazarus said: “You are also people! Why do you pay so little attention to what is happening in my house?! We know very well where these tents, tables, tableware, wine and food come from. But it does not concern you, and as such you do know only very little or even nothing! Who is He, who together with his disciples has already been staying four days in my house?”

40,6. Say the cooks and some of the servants: “Ah, now we already know! It is the great prophet from Galilee! However, we are to be forgiven, if we until now have only known so little about it, regarding the circumstances of the prophet; since we were full time occupied with our work and had until this afternoon really only little time to be concerned about these things, and it would be improper for us to ask about this and that, despite having noticed a few things here and there. But from now on we will be more concerned about everything, since we are also people - as you have said it -, who cannot be harmed, if they do know a little more, as they had known and experienced until now. Is this true, lord of this house and all your other properties, are we allowed to do this?”

40,7. Said Lazarus: “Certainly yes, but now everyone should do his work, so that for the many guests in the house a good and ample dinner is prepared! And the servants must go to the tents and show the many strangers their places, and just as during lunch, after they have finished eating and drinking, collect the money! Go now; the guests are already arriving!”

40,8. And everyone went to work; Lazarus and the innkeeper welcomed the guests suddenly arriving in large numbers.

40,9. But one of the strangers did ask Lazarus how he could know so precisely how many guests would arrive, as what he had prepared tents, benches, tables, food and wine. Since it strikes him as very odd, that he as an innkeeper, could have guessed this so accurately. In other inns this is nearly never the case; mostly it happens that the innkeepers are either preparing too little or too much for the arriving guests.

40,10. Upon this question Lazarus said nothing else for the time being, since he was a little surprised by it, other than that the honoured guest should go to the nearest tent and eat and drink, and should he insist on it afterwards, he would give him the necessary explanation.

40,11. With that the guest was content, went into the tent, sat at the table, ate and drank with a great appetite and could not enough praise the good tasting food and drinks.

40,12. Another guest in the same tent said: “Verily, this food must have been prepared by gods, since it tastes so magnificently well! And the wine is a real nectar which is good enough for the gods!”

40,13. And there were still many such remarks made by these Greek merchants. One of them wanted to pay a lot of money, if he could obtain the secret of such an excellent cook.

40,14. Since Lazarus heard these remarks and he knew not how to respond to them, he asked the angel what he should say, if asked about such things.

40,15. Said Raphael: “Do not concern yourself about this matter, I will negotiate with these people; since you could misjudge the situation and tell these people either too much or too little, and both would not be the right thing! So as such, as I said, do not be concerned about this matter; I will do everything!”

40,16. With that Lazarus was fully content and allowed the guests to continue joyfully with their remarks.

40,17. But the time approached when the guests were fully satisfied, paid for their meals and started to return to the city, where they normally spend the night in their huts.

40,18. However, the merchants from the first and nearest tent, who right from the beginning caused Lazarus to be embarrassed, started again to torment him with his curiosity.

40,19. But he referred them straight away to Raphael and said: “Do you know what? That you have not easily received anywhere better service than here with me, seems obvious from your questions; nevertheless, every honest innkeeper has his own secrets which he can not reveal for any price, so that others also become knowledgeable about it. But this marvellous young person can tell you precisely, what you need to know about it, and therefore turn to him, - he will give you the right answer!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-40 Chapter