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Chapter 5 - The liberation of the slaves.

5,1. At this point I gave Raphael another sign to free the prisoners, and they were at once free and completely clothed, as they were naked before. But this sudden release of the young slaves created, as one can easily imagine, an immense sensation, and the chief trader, not believing his eyes, went to the now properly clothed slaves and saw that their clothes were made from quite real material and that these really were his slaves.

5,2. He raised his hands and said (the chief trader): “Only now do I clearly realise, that you are truly in the hands of the gods! But you also should beg them to be merciful to you! But when you have received true fortune, then remember your parents back home, who live on hard land and must obtain their scarce and meagre food under difficult circumstances and by hard labour and live in deplorable huts made from clay and straw! Gather all kinds of knowledge and come back to us, so that through you understanding und good fortune come to us; because from now on no more people will be exported and sold from our country!”

5,3. Hereupon Hiram turned to Raphael, who’s fineness and beauty he couldn’t admire enough and said:”O you incomprehensible seldom most beautiful youth! Are you also a god that it was possible for you to perform such a wondrous act. How did you manage to loosen so quickly the ropes the slaves were tied up with, and from where did you get all those many and very precious clothes for the youths and the maidens?”

5,4. Said Raphael: “I’m not a god but only a servant of God through His grace! Out of myself I can do just as much as you can; but if I’m penetrated by the almighty will of God, then I can do anything and nothing is impossible for me. - But what will you do with those two-hundred slaves left at home, who are not sufficiently fattened to sell?”

5,5. Said Hibram: “You know about that too, almighty youth?! What else should I now do, except to educate them to become useful and good people and to regard them from now on as my own children! But I will beg you to provide clothes for them, which I can take with me.”

5,6. Said Raphael: “It will be not necessary as yet; but if you, after a few days, return from here and keep up your good intention, then you and your followers at home will find everything you and your colleagues need.”

5,7. Hibram was very contented and likewise his colleagues and all thanked him and even more so Me, the Lord; because all the traders now recognised that I alone am the Lord. Thereupon they thought about the many carriages and carts - which of course cannot be compared to carriages of today - and the many already very exhausted draught animals.

5,8. And Hibram said to Raphael: “My almighty wondrous youth! Where can we store our carriages, carts and animals and where can we get food for them?”

5,9. Said Raphael: “There, inside those walls enclosing the mountain, which belongs to the man who is talking with the Lord right now, are many huts and stables also food for your draught animals, there you can safely store all your goods.”

5,10. With that the trader Hibram was content and his servants looked after the carriages, carts and animals.

5,11. Said I: “Since this task is also completed successfully, we all can return to the top of the mountain where foremost the freed slaves should be strengthened with food and drink. And if you, Hibram, have organized everything properly, then you together with your followers and servants can come and take food and drink as My guests!”

5,12. With this arrangement all were to the highest degree content and the freed slaves were overwhelmed with joy. Everybody tried to get close to Me and to thank Me. Since they were so many and could not find a place near Me at the same time, they formed an orderly circle around Me and asked Me in their own tongue that I should look and listen to them. I then looked at all of them very friendly and indicated to them to start speaking.

5,13. After that they said with deep emotion (the slaves): “O good Father! We thank You for saving us and freeing us from those hard bondages. We have nothing to ever repay You with; but from now on we would like to serve You, as if we were Your feet, hands, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. O, good Father, allow us to love You! From now on be our Father with Your goodness and love, and never ever leave us!”

5,14. Thereupon I went to each one in the circle, embraced him and pressed him against My chest and spoke the following words: “Peace be with you, My son, My daughter!”

5,15. After that all the tender, curly blonde haired youths started to cry and the even more tender and very lovely maidens moistened My hands and feet with their tears of joy.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-5 Chapter