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Chapter 50 - The Lord explains the light phenomena.

50,1. (The Lord:) “The twelve fire columns in the east represented correctly the twelve tribes of Israel, and the strong centre tribe was Judah, while the two on the outside were Benjamin and Levi. Through various events the twelve tribes amalgamated into the last Judah tribe, and this is Me, who has come to unify all the other tribes in Me as the only one true tribe of Judah, so that they all should become one in Me, as I and the Father in heaven are completely one from eternity to eternity.

50,2. When you saw the seven columns, you saw the, so to speak, already known seven spirits of God, and when they became three afterwards, you saw in Benjamin the Son, in Levi the Spirit and in the centre Judah as the Father. And see: Father, Son and Spirit became One, were from eternity One and shall also for eternity stay as One! And this One am I, and whoever listens to My word and acts and strives and lives accordingly, shall also be one with Me and in Me. He will ascend like Me to the heavens of God and will have in Me an everlasting life. - This is in short the full-true meaning of the first phenomenon.

50,3. But concerning the second phenomenon, it shows the full measure of the horrors of sin of this people, who in the brightest day which has risen over it, still walks in all darkness and shall carry on walking in darkness. And therefore it will harvest the fruit according to its deeds, and this during a time, which I already indicated to you, friend, when we were outside, namely between forty and fifty years, and I will add another period of patience of a maximum ten and seven years to it; but then it will be completely over for this nation for all times. And this I say to you: This earth and this visible heaven will pass and will become rotten and fragile like an old dress; but these My words shall be fulfilled and forever never pass!

50,4. For I’m the Lord. Who will argue with Me and march against Me with lances and swords?! Yes, they will do even this, and this My flesh will find death on the cross; it is this which will actually fill their measure and irrevocable seal their downfall. The blindness wants to rule and kill its God. And verily it will do so not before long and this atrocity will be allowed it, so that its downfall is for all times of times completely certain and irreversible. But that which will lead to the downfall of this nation will serve you for your salvation and the most perfect attainment of an everlasting life.

50,5. However, none of you should be concerned, since I have told you this in advance; because this evil brood down there can kill My body, but not Him, who lives inside Me and forever acts and creates and maintains order. I will surly not leave the body in a grave; as already on the third day I will awaken this body again and will until the end of times interact with those who believe in Me, love Me and keep My word. And you, My brothers, will see Me and can speak to Me just as now, where I still walk among you in the not yet transfigured flesh.

50,6. If you ponder all of this, then you will all see, that the second sad phenomenon has its full and living reason. Just don’t anyone say to Me: ‘Lord, You could prevent this with Your onmipotence!’ or: ‘You could do this differently!” Because, verily I say to you, that I am doing my utmost to do what My everlasting and highest divine wisdom shows Me, and it still does not help the people down there; since they by their own, indescribable evilness are so obstinate, that no power of God can help them anymore.

50,7. ‘Yes’, you will think and say to yourself, ‘how can this be possible? God must be able to do anything He ever wants!’ Yes, this God can surely do. But regarding the most perfect freedom of the human will, God never can and is never ever allowed to do what He wants; because if God only in the slightest degree interferes with the human will, man would become a puppet, lead by a string of the fixed divine will, and would never be able to reach any independence of life. But if he cannot reach this out of himself, the everlasting life of his soul is necessarily forever over.

50,8. Every person must have his most perfect freedom of will, which can only by external laws and by voluntary obedience reach its true advantage, whereby the divine omnipotence is allowed to interfere only very little or actually not at all and must therefore allow man everything he wants for the sake of his independent life, and this includes killing My most innocent flesh.

50,9. And because mankind here in Jerusalem nearly completely rejected the laws of God and instead have introduced their more advantageous doctrines to serve their worldly interests, which are the complete opposite to My doctrine which has been given to man by Moses and the prophets and which they try to replace, I testify against them and their great injustice against God and against the people, for which they hate Me and want to kill Me for any price in the world. Yes, it will in fact be allowed to them; but then their measure of committed atrocities will be full, and to this people will happen in full, what you have seen before in the second phenominon.”

50,10. Said Nicodemus: “Lord and Master, I’m of the opinion that the two appearances might have made the temple clerics very sober, and they will subsequently watch out before laying their hands on anybody; since I have heard it in the temple very clearly, how the people reproached the highly embarrassed priests, that God will judge all, because they, the priests, have killed most of the prophets right down to Zacharias and John! And even the high priest kept quite and did not dare to answer the people, despite they having boldly claimed back their sacrifices from the temple, what otherwise would have been regarded as an extremely serious offence. And because I myself have observed this, I am of the opinion, that they, will not be so profoundly abusive and rebellious anymore towards You, o Lord and Master. They will take a lot of time to meet with You in a hostile manner! At the same time the temple has received, through a senior priest, from the high Roman court a very severe warning regarding the use of the Jus gladii, and this will for all times take away their desire and zeal, to ever again sentence someone to death without a judgement from a Roman court.”

50,11. Said I: “They will not do this; but in their fury and desire for murder they will for so long lie in the ears of the Roman judge and will bring paid witnesses in large numbers against their sacrificial lamb, that in the end the judge will have to comply with what they want. Indeed, many people already believe in Me and My teachings, but the temple still has a large number of nevertheless completely blind supporters, and with them they can do anything. That the temple still has a strong support base, is proven by the nearly uncountable crowd of people, who pilgrimage during the feast days to the temple. These great numbers of pilgrims are more then enough proof of how many are still clinging to the temple, and how many blind people still exist in the whole of the Jewish country, who think to pay God an appealing homage, if they very conscientiously do what the temple instructs them to do. If you picture this vividly before your eyes, you will find very little security among the Jews for the life of My body.”

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