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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-64 Chapter

Chapter 64 - The gratitude of the freed slaves.

64,1. Said Lazarus to Me: “Lord, I would also be a little curious, how this story in the temple will end today; because I still see many people on all roads moving towards the city. If this is going to fill the temple, there will be a pushing and yelling the like which hasn’t been seen for a long time. Nicodemus with his weak voice will not get very far! It can truly very easily come to a big tumult!”

64,2. Said I: “Worry you about something else! I surely have enough means in My hands to prevent too great a tumult; but the matter will probably not get that far.

64,3. But now our youths have woken up and are very hungry. Therefore you, My Raphael, go to them and see to it that they get something to eat and a little wine to drink, but the wine must be mixed with two thirds of water!”

64,4. Raphael organized this speedily, which made the youths very happy, so that they could hardly wait to offer Me their childlike gratitude.

64,5. Within a short time they were strengthened and left the house, and Raphael brought them to Me. Here they stood in a long row, thanked Me for such a good meal and asked Me that I should come to them, so that each one of them could show Me his love; since they are so many, they could not come to Me all at once to show Me their great love.

64,6. Then I said to them: “My dear children, there is no need for this now! But if you want to do it, then come one by one to Me and show Me your love; because if I came to you, quite easily a jealousy could come among you, since you would argue amongst yourselves by saying: ‘But why did the good Father not turn to me or to him or to those? He surely loves the other more than me or my neighbor!’ So that such opinions does not get a grip on you, come one by one or in pairs to Me and offer Me your love, and you will not be able to say: ‘See, the good Father has distinguished him or her more!’ Now it depends solely on you who wants to come to Me first.”

64,7. Said the youths: “Yes, good Father, but we all would like to be first close to you, and the pushing and shoving would be very tiresome for you! Therefore, you should decide at which place or end of the row we should start; because there must also be order in love, since a disorderly love would not be nice. The good God in this beautiful country has everything beautifully ordered, and thus out of respect to Him, we must do everything in a certain order!”

64,8. Said I: “Now then, if this is how you want it, start with the right end of the row and come!”

64,9. The youths liked this arrangement, and they came to Me from the right end, one pair after the other, first the boys and after that also the girls. They bowed deeply before Me, took My hands and pressed them towards their chest, bowed again and moved orderly back to the row.

64,10. When all had showed me their love and were standing in their previous order, all bowed again deeply towards Me and they asked what they were allowed to do.

64,11. And I said to them: “Enjoy yourself with all sorts of useful observations. Look at this beautiful scenery, look at the flowers and various other things and think at the same time how all this God has created out of Himself by means of His wisdom and omnipotence, and be very thankful in your hearts to Him, and you will have spend the time in a most useful manner and you will feel a great joy in your hearts! But you do not have to stand and walk in a straight line all the time, but stand and walk free, in such a way as you can see it by Me and all the other people, then you will have much more fun than continuously observing your stiff straight line order. - Go now and do according to My advice!”

64,12. The youths thanked for such good advice, soon broke up their straight line and scattered in all directions on the mountain and entertained themselves quite well in the fresh and free nature.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-64 Chapter