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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-67 Chapter

Chapter 67 - The different levels of blissfulness of perfected souls.

67,1. (The Lord:) “This is what awaits and is even necessary for a perfected soul, nevertheless, this characteristic of a perfected soul must be seen as a lowest degree of the actual great bliss, because this alone would begin to disgust a perfected soul in time to such an extend, as if it would disgust you if you had to look at this although very beautiful landscape, for only a hundred consecutive years.

67,2. The greater bliss of a soul obviously consists only in that the perfected soul is equipped with truly divine creative powers and that it with divine like wisdom can do everything that God Himself can do and produce in exactly the same way.

67,3. An even higher and actually almost greatest degree of bliss of a perfected soul consists therein, that it can have God, the only Lord and Creator of infinity, around it all the time as its best friend and to love Him without measure and beyond any limits and can see with Him in an instance the complete spiritual and material creation.

67,4. But the greatest bliss of a perfected soul lies therein, that it, being fully united with God through love, is experiencing the fullest divine freedom.

67,5. That everything I have told you is the absolute truth, you can see from this My young servant. You have already asked Me a few times, about the circumstances of this youth, where he comes from and who he is. And now I will tell you:

67,6. See, this youth is already for a long time a pure spirit, but has already has lived on this earth as a person in the flesh! His name was Enoch and he was a first prophet and teacher of the first descendants of Adam.

67,7. Since his soul, during the primeval times of the people of this earth, ignited in the highest and most pure love for God, and such love dissolved his body, which dressed the free soul, into an ethereal substance, he became immediately for ever an archangel of the highest heaven of God, this means the highest divine freedom, what you can see from the fact that he is always close to Me.”

67,8. Here Arikola’s eyes widened and he said: “What? This is a spirit and on top of it a pure and perfected one?! He, nevertheless, obviously has skin, flesh and blood and eats and drinks as we do!

67,9. That he can perform miracles like You, I explained to myself that he long since has been your disciple and as such has obtained from You the necessary wisdom and power; because as a completely pure spirit we people should not be able to see him. If you touch him, everything feels like with a completely natural person. But You have said it now, and I must believe you, although it confuses my thinking even more. How does this pure spirit have a body?”

67,10. Said I: “I have told you before, that we can now negotiate a few things since we have the time for it, and as such we will also sort this out. See, My Raphael - Enoch is already standing in front of us; and I say to you that anything you would like to know further, you can negotiate with him directly; since he will give you all the information I would have given you, and what he will say and show to you, he will say and show to you out of his independent freedom, power, wisdom and strength, because he has made such out of God completely his own. - And as such you may start your investigation with him!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-67 Chapter