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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-74 Chapter

Chapter 74 - The effect of the spirit on matter.

74,1. (Raphael:) “This quite separate spirit within the small bud-shell, in possession of its clear intelligence and awareness of its power, which is actually itself, easily recognizes when the seed, which is its material dwelling it has built for itself, gets into a position and circumstances, where the pure spirit can begin its activity.

74,2. When the seed is placed into the moist soil and the outer substantial-material shell gets soft, because its soul-substantial parts starts to correspond with the outer it surrounding similar parts of the moist soil, the pure spirit immediately starts to make the right use of its intelligence and its willpower. It very precisely recognizes the corresponding parts in the soil, the water, in the air and in the light and the warmth of the sun, attracts them to itself and produces from them in accordance to its order this, what corresponds with its being, and so you see a plant growing out of the earth with still the same properties. The herb or outer flesh of the plant from the roots to the highest top of the stem has only been produced by the spirit, so that the pure spirit can creatively multiply itself in the new seed kernels and as such multiplies its I to infinity, although the spirit who already has been active once, rises by himself upwards and in unity with the soul-particles attracted to it, it will transform itself by developing into higher and more advanced forms and beings.

74,3. And what I have told you now about the plants, is also applicable in a smaller scale to all minerals and in a higher scale to all animals and finally above all to man. Primordially this is applicable to the development of all world bodies, all shell globes and the whole great cosmic-man, which the Lord Himself has sufficiently shown and described to you.

74,4. From all this you can now recognize, that all truth and reality exists only in the pure spiritual, and that all matter is nothing else than the persistent will of the spirit, which it in time can soften, more and more dissolve and finally to transform it into a substantial-soul body similar to itself over a shorter or longer period of time, depending if the soul-substance as a result of its awakened free will, more or less shows its compliance for the inner, living order of the spirit.

74,5. Observe from now on carefully the whole of nature, and you will find in it, what I have just explained to you! Because for the short time we are together you cannot expect from me, that I specifically explain to you all minerals, all plants and all animals separately, to what extend they contain pure spiritual and to what extend they contain pure soul-substance. It is sufficient that I now clearly explained to you the mutual relationship between which is all pure spiritual, soul-substantial and finally all matter. Since the rule I now have given to you, is applicable for the whole of eternity and for the whole of infinity; if you understand the alpha, you will understand the omega. What lies in between, is precisely identical to both of them, - except for the countless different forms.

74,6. And now, - since I have revealed to you various things in a very extraordinary way and manner, you can very openly express how you have comprehended this with your mind. We still have some time and can talk about this some more. And thus you may now speak and let us all know, how you have understood this matter!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-74 Chapter