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Chapter 82 - The tranquilizing speech of Nicodemus to the people.

82,1. The innkeeper: “But somewhere behind a curtain, a real arch-Pharisee heard the strong plea in the presence of the people in favor of the faith in the Savior from Nazareth. He made his appearance, ascended the small pulpit and said: ‘I am telling you out of my absolute power as high priest: he who believes in the Savior from Nazareth and says that He is the promised Messiah, is cursed by the temple!’

82,2. However, he barely finished this disgraceful statement when his pulpit was surrounded by the people, and all the people yelled at him: ‘And we say: he who does not believe that the Savior from Nazareth is infallibly the promised Messiah, is cursed by us! And if such a miserable evildoer like you as a chief Pharisee – who should recognize the true Messiah sooner than the people – dares to speak out such a judgment in his blind lust of power, then he will be cursed 7 times by us and he deserves death! You rascal, did you not see the signs last night? Could these also not penetrate your vile hide? Now just wait, you vile chief Pharisee, we will make your thick hide thinner and more penetrable! You nicely run into us, you rascal, because already for a long time we have been after you!’

82,3. When the chief Pharisee heard such welcoming words from the people he cried for help.

82,4. But the people cried still harder: ‘Away with this blasphemer!’

82,5. Then our gigantic man from Bethlehem – a real Goliath – came forward to the little pulpit, grabbed the chief Pharisee with his strong hand and shook him first so heavily that he could not hear or see for a while. Then he pulled him from the pulpit and carried him to the curtain in the large temple hall from where he came before. There he gave him a few well sounding boxes on the ear and then said to him with a truly thundering voice: ‘From now on, this is how the people that has become seeing, will serve the priests of your kind with offerings and tithes! Now go, and don’t show yourself anymore, or else it will cost you your life!’

82,6. Then in a big hurry the chief Pharisee who became completely dizzy, gathered his strength together and hid himself shakily in a corner of his dwelling place.

82,7. Immediately after this incident, a Roman representative of the governor appeared, ascended the pulpit, which was intended for worldly speakers and messengers, and said: ‘The governor is warning you in the name of the law to restrain from all violence. But you may speak as much as you like! You must remember that this temple is built in honor of God, and every indecent behavior must be avoided! However, if someone has suffered injustice by a foolish priest or servant of the temple, then he only has to come to us and complete justice will be done to him!’

82,8. Our Goliath from Bethlehem rendered thanks for this well meant warning, but still added to it: ‘Your warning, for which I have thanked you in the name of the whole people, was certainly totally rightful, but once the forces of the sky are starting to write its will with its almighty hands on the great firmament, then human commanding on this Earth will soon be over.’

82,9. The Roman said: ‘Friend, we also know that, and we know the saying: contra Jovem fulminantem tonantemque non valet vis ensis, et contra vim coelorum vane frustraque pugnat ars mortalium , but by any violence of mortal people among themselves, we men will not change in the least the immortal and invincible powers and forces of the skies. A dignified, modest order is best fitting to us, and a decent and quiet man will also then not loose courage, even when the whole terrestrial globe would collapse. This is my opinion. Therefore, hold on to the wish of the governor. Dixi .’

82,10. After that, the Roman departed and the people praised his call for calmness.

82,11. Immediately after that, Nicodemus appeared on the large pulpit and the people with loud jubilation greeted him. But he said: ‘Dear friends and brothers. Actually I have nothing new to tell you, but I still have come to confirm to you what my oldest and at the same time best friend has already told you. Everything is as he has said. I can even put my life at stake for it. And it rejoices me now all the more that here in this sanctified temple hall I am encountering people who in all points are definitely sharing my opinion and also my inner complete conviction.

82,12. True, before me, on that little pulpit, an arrogant chief Pharisee let himself be heard in a most indecent manner, although no one from our counsel of priests did say a word to him to do that. But according to my best knowledge, you have properly compensated him for that. Even if he was complaining at the high counsel – which however does not mean so much now during these days – he soon received the answer: ‘When something is inopportune, then it brings trouble and no blessing’. During the understandable great excitement of the people it was more than foolish to bring something forward that under normal circumstances would not be accepted favorably.

82,13. When the indiscreet chief priest received that answer, he disappeared quickly with his rather swollen-up cheeks, and I was sent by the complete counsel to tell you that you should keep yourselves to what my predecessor has told you. Now that all of you have found this consolation here in the temple, you should give thanks to God in your heart and then quietly go home again. And if ever you encounter other people, then you also can tell them the same, so that they would not have traveled this long road in vain, because the temple is closed this morning and this afternoon, like always on a day before the Sabbath.’

82,14. Then the people still asked Nicodemus for the meaning of the third sign, which he saw personally – this according to the announcement of his gray-haired predecessor.

82,15. But Nicodemus said: ‘I also will tell you about that, but more quietly when we are together, because our walls have many ears. Wait this afternoon on the way that leads to Emmaus. There I will come to you and will tell you the complete truth about the third sign, and will also explain it to you the best I possibly can.’

82,16. With this, the people were satisfied and they started to leave the temple.

82,17. Me and my friend went also, and on the way we were meeting Your two disciples who told us where You were, so that we also came quickly to this place.

82,18. And what I have said now, is also everything that happened today in the temple. Lord, forgive my bad manner of explaining.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-82 Chapter