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Chapter 91 - Provision in the necessities of life through submission to the will of the Lord. The material and spiritual flood.

91,1. After this announcement everyone became extremely joyful.

91,2. And I said to Lazarus: “Let them bring bread and wine because we want to be cheerfully together now.”

91,3. Then bread and wine were brought. Now when we were more than sufficiently provided, we all ate and drunk very satisfied, and everyone was praising Me as the good giver of the delicious bread and the excellent wine.

91,4. While we were eating and drinking, our Helias saw with her sharp eyes the Pharisees who were going back home, walking to the much-discussed pillar, and there they stood still again. And she was mentioning this to us.

91,5. But I said: “Oh, just let them go and watch. They will not find anything there for the salvation of their souls anyway, because their heart will remain hardened unto death.”

91,6. Helias said: “Oh, if ever I would possess a little power, I would let those wretched people walk home only upon snakes and vipers, scorpions and poisonous lizards.”

91,7. I said: “Oh, the fear to be pursued by the Romans is better than what you would like to do with them. They will not really stay long at the pillar and will soon move on. They have discovered that a few people are coming after them. They think they are Romans and that is why they move on now. Look, that is better than your snakes, vipers, scorpions and poisonous lizards.”

91,8. This was satisfying to Helias and she calmly continued to eat and drink.

91,9. After that, I said to Lazarus that he also should take care of the young slaves, that they can receive some bread and some wine diluted with water.

91,10. Lazarus left, together with Raphael, to fulfill My wish. However, when they came to the tents where the youths were, everything was already provided for.

91,11. Lazarus said: “Now look. What shall we do now?”

91,12. Raphael said: “Now we will cheerfully go back, because anyone who is so glad and willing to do the will of the Lord does not have to prove this anymore to the Lord by deeds. Because a complete devoted will is already considered as a deed by the Lord. Then the Lord will perform the deed Himself, as you can see here. Oh, if only men could perceive this and would act upon it according to their heart, what an easy and carefree life they would have already on the Earth, and what bliss they already could enjoy on Earth. But now they are blind and they get lost in the dead matter and they suffocate in it. Often in their sweat and unto blood they are working for their bread, while they could receive it from the Lord without physical effort, and then even purer and better than of what they can take care themselves.

91,13. Tomorrow you will come to know the true men from Upper-Egypt and then you will be astonished about the unbound power of their will. There are only 7 who are already perfected. The women and children and the still less perfected ones are left at home with only one perfected man, because women, children and the less perfected would have it difficult without him. But their master, who is still from the ancient Egyptian inner wisdom, will come with his 6 most important disciples to Emmaus, and then you will see how fast he will recognize the Lord and also us. But now we will go back again to the Lord.”

91,14. The two came back to us again, and I asked Lazarus if the youth had been well provided for.

91,15. Lazarus said: “O yes, Lord and Master, the youth is already superbly provided, but we two could not contribute anything to that, for when we came to the tents the good children were already richly provided of everything. You, o Lord, have only tested my will, but You were the One who acted, just like You are always doing. My gratitude goes only to You, for without You we are nothing and can do nothing. You alone are everything in everything.”

91,16. I said: “Very good, very good, My dear friend and brother Lazarus. Now come and sit with us again and be cheerful with us all.”

91,17. Lazarus took his former place next to Me again together with Raphael and wanted to speak with Me about the men from Upper-Egypt who would be coming to Emmaus tomorrow, but the two already mentioned innkeepers were ahead of him and asked Me if they also could not stay a few days with Me to see the mentioned real men from the back country of Upper-Egypt.

91,18. I said: “Of course. The one who, like you, has received Me and My disciples so friendly, is also always My guest and can always be with Me. The more witnesses that will be around Me, the more fruitful it will be for the spreading of My gospel. You will experience real wonders with those people who now are still living so simple as once the first patriarchs of the Earth.”

91,19. Then Lazarus said: “But, Lord and Master, then those will surely be descendants of Noah and no direct descendants of Adam, for at the time of Noah, also Egypt had to be over flooded by the great flood?”

91,20. I said: “My dear friend and brother. You may not – just as I have already explained to you – be confused with the natural high flood, which at that time was caused by the mighty Hanochites, and the spiritual general flood of sin, or else it will never be totally clear to you.

91,21. By the great flood of water which took place in the western part of Asia at the time of Noah there were indeed many people and animals that perished because the water did really overflow the high Ararat, but by this, the natural water was not overflowing the whole Earth of which at that time not nearly all habitable places were populated. But the flood of sin, that means the forsaking of God, fornication, pride, stinginess, envy, lust of power and lack of love was overflowing the whole human race. And that is what is to be understood by spiritual Earth, and that is what Moses meant with the general flood.

91,22. The highest mountains, over which the flood came, are the great pride of men who then were ruling the nations, and the overflowing is the humiliation that came over all those rulers, which happened in every kingdom in a particular suitable way. But tomorrow in Emmaus we will talk more about it. Now however, we will take more wine and bread and will strengthen our limbs with it.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-91 Chapter