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Chapter 96 - Raphael unmasks the magicians.

96,1. At the same moment the magicians were without coat, and a great number of objects were falling out of their pockets, also various dead and living birds and withered and fresh bunches of flowers.

96,2. In no time Raphael showed the Romans how the Indian magicians performed their wonders, which the Romans could also see at once, and he said: “And for this miserable deceit you even wanted to reward these men?”

96,3. Then the Romans stepped back, and the magicians said: “Yes, young beautiful friend, we cannot do it any better.”

96,4. And Raphael said: “Then go and work at home, and earn your bread in an honest way, but not by this shameful deceit”.

96,5. On this, the magicians wanted to leave, but the angel said: “You can go indeed, but only when we are giving you permission. At this moment I still have to discuss a few things with you. Put on your coats again, then we will continue to talk.”

96,6. Then the totally amazed magicians grabbed their coats that were scattered on the floor, and put them on again.

96,7. And the chief magician said to Raphael: “But how can you, attractive young man, make us so exceptionally ashamed before such an honorable company? We were not asking anything for these 3 magic tricks and we only would have accepted the contribution that was freely given. We still can do many other things besides these 3 tricks.”

96,8. Raphael said: “I know all too well what you can do. Everything is based on cunning deceit. Besides, you are expecting to be paid, and you are calling yourselves world-famous because you are smart deceivers. According to my knowledge you have a law with heavy punishments on lies and deceit. And still you are living from the worst and lowest deceit, for as deceivers you are also honored and highly rewarded, while another deceiver, when he has been discovered, will not escape his punishment, and also because you are spoiling the souls of men. For in the eyes of men who are not familiar with the secrets of your deceit, you are performing wonders, because you first are announcing in a pompous manner that you will perform wonders by the might of your staff, word and will.

96,9. Such a wonder is nothing else than shameful deceit and is more wicked and worse than any other deceit, because other common deceit leads to despising the deceiver and they bring them before the court of this world, while your deceit is giving you great honor with the foolish people and gives you a godly respect. You already pretended to be higher divine beings and you accepted offerings and adoration from the people. They even build a temple for you in your country and put your image into it to honor and to adore it. However, I tell you that this is a work of Hell and of its wicked spirits and that you are connected to it. Not because they would help you with your deceitful wonders, but because you are doing on this Earth what they are doing in Hell, because with devils everything is a lie and deceit.

96,10. You have indeed learnt your evil art from the priests, for you yourselves are belonging to this shameful rank of priests and have now, as their disciples, gone out to catch many people into your nets. But here you have come for nothing, and here will be made an end to your evil actions. This I can fully guarantee you.

96,11. You said in the beginning that you were going to the extreme west in order to go, as it were, to the end of the world, to watch and to examine as close as possible the setting of the sun, of the moon and of the stars. But you know the form of the Earth very well, for in your country were men who have studied the Earth very well and also knew very well what to think of the sun, the moon, the planets and of the vast stars. But not only you have never informed the people about that, but you even have threatened them with heavy punishments if they ever would dare to think, say and believe anything else about the stars and the Earth other then the lies you have always told them. And for these shameful lies the poor people must still bring you the greatest offerings and must moreover allow to be tormented by you in all kinds of cruel manners.

96,12. Did it never occur to you that treating your fellowman like this is a great injustice? You are preaching a supreme God to the people and also a wicked god, who is in a continuous battle with the highest good God, but you yourselves have never believed in such a God, while you literally let yourselves be honored and adored. What do I have to think about you? I tell you: you are still a lot worse than the most malicious animals on Earth. Because these are living and acting as their inner order teaches and suggests them, but you, as created beings who are gifted with all reason and a clear understanding and with a complete free will, are acting worse against your fellowmen than most wild and savage animals among each another. What do you think about that, and what do you have to say on that?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-96 Chapter