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Chapter 98 - The confession of the chief magician.

98,1. Our Raphael said: “According to your coarse earthly material manner you could be right, because great and sensational exhibitions are even attracting the animals from the forest, which out of fear are running away from it. So, your great magical shows must have all the more a greater influence on your people, because the people understand your language and speech. For if your people could not speak and thus could not understand your misleading speeches, then they also, just like the animals, would run away for your apparent religious magician acts which are surrounded with a lot of commotion. And out of fear and fright they would creep away into the caves, canyons and holes of the Earth. But I say again that you may be right according to your blind idea.

98,2. But why did you come from your country to this place to show your very foolish wonders and deceitful tricks to us who certainly have not fallen on the back of our head? What do you want to achieve with us? Must we also consider you as mighty mediators between God and men and believe that you are true gods? At home in your country – which is big enough – you simply can do what you want and let yourselves be worshipped by the blind people, but what is it that drives you to us? What do you want to achieve here with your deceit? You did not come here for gold, silver, pearls and precious stones, because such treasures you already have in abundance anyway. Do you maybe want to convert us also and make us believe that you are true messengers of God? Yes, yes, look, this is secretly your plan, because for sure, you prefer to have the whole Earth than only your India. But I tell you that with this secret intention of yours you will never set foot on the ground with us, but very soon it would be heavy for you to endure it. So therefore, for this time you still can go unpunished back to your country. However, do not dare to come back with such a plan. And also, do not go too far with this at home, or else our only true, eternal God and Father could loose His patience and longsuffering with you and punish you in His just wrath. Foolish magician, did you understand me?”

98,3. The magician said: “Lovely, wise young man. We admit that you are totally right and that we Indians are living in the dark. But for this reason we are still a happy nation, because we have everything that can make people happy on this Earth. By their firm belief, the people have still the privilege that they are expecting no death, and so they are also not afraid of it. They are only afraid of an extreme unhappy situation of the soul after the death of the body, which is held before their eyes if ever they – because they did not keep the laws – have deserved it. A proof that the people are believing this, and that it fears that situation after death, are the extreme penance of the Indian people, which they are making for their possible sins.

98,4. Consequently, the people are only totally happy if they keep the prescribed laws. But if, to the best of our knowledge and conscience, the people are in natural and spiritual aspect happy, and our deceits are contributing to that, then a possible true, great, wise and almighty God cannot be angry with us and bring His wrath upon us, for He really can never want that the people on this Earth would live as unhappy as possible. If ever He would not approve the way we are making the whole people happy by our cleverness and ability – and this for all times – then it will not be impossible for Him to show us how He wants the Indian people to be led and governed.

98,5. The fact that we now and then are traveling also to other countries has for us a multiple good purpose. Surely not to earn more gold and other treasures, for we are cultivating our fields with golden plows. Your iron would be much more valuable then our gold. Also we are not driven by a certain pressure to show our arts elsewhere, because at home we have enough admirers. So, in foreign countries we do not want to win anybody with our religion, for we are not traveling as priests but as magicians and wise men from the faraway morning land. But we are searching in strange countries because we secretly can feel very well in ourselves what we are missing – only the things that we as priests are missing.

98,6. We are suspecting that somewhere there must be an almighty God, by whose will everything that we can perceive with our senses was created or made. Yes, we even came to know by our old wise men that somewhere in the far west that is picking up the sun, the moon and all stars, there is a people that is continuously in contact with the only true God. They therefore know Him very well and who surely can and are willing to tell us more about Him. However, we have now penetrated already quite far to the west with our secret purpose, but we have not yet found this happiest people of the Earth. We ourselves discovered, that with our supposition that there must be a God, and with our tricks – as you lovely young man are calling them – are still far better off than all wise men of the many countries where we have already traveled through.

98,7. My loveliest young man, I confess to you very openly that we among all the thousands and again thousands of wise men with whom we have made contact, we have never encountered anyone who was wiser than you are. We think that you are truly capable of having knowledge about the only true God, and we therefore would appreciate it very much if we could exchange ideas more closely with you. Because until now, you were the only one who has seen our wonders for what they really are. Although you have treated us roughly in your youthful zeal – and this was your full right – we have reached our goal by the 3 signs that we have performed, by which we delivered a test to you, and which was the motive for you to call us deceivers. And so also our false wonders were finally good for something.

98,8. If ever we found in you what we laboriously were searching for so long, then we are giving you the fullest assurance that we will perform no more apparent wonders in any foreign country. However, if this is also with you not the case, then we will have to continue our search no matter where, in our own manner for that which is hidden. And then we think that no one can say to us that we are acting incorrectly. We are not wrong, but reasonable, and it lies in our manner of searching that we mostly find what we are searching for, if ever it possibly can be found somewhere. Lovely, wise young man, do not be angry with us, and allow us to continue our search again tomorrow, not as magicians but as searchers for God.”

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