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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-151 Chapter

Chapter 151 - God's judgments and its consequences.

151,1. Of course now you think – as a few in My presence are thinking – that I have the power to make for all times an end to this kind of worldly mischief. You are of course right in this, but then firstly, the free will of man – who is, without distinction of birth or class, called to become a child of God – should be entirely taken away, and instead of his free reason and mind the human soul should be endowed with an instinct, just like the soul of animals, after which every human being would only be capable of doing what his instinct would drive him to do. And secondly I will have to make the whole Earth entirely different and let only the feed grow for such instinctive human beings, just like for the other animals. Moreover, I thirdly will have to let die out a lot of plants and animal species, for they only exist by necessity so that out of these the completely free human soul would develop in an almost endless series of stages.

151,2. So you can understand – since you are a strict follower of Moses – that it cannot be different on this Earth. And if things were better than now, then surely it would not be necessary for Me to come Myself as a human being on this Earth to make the old faith alive again – at least for those who still kept the better attitude of the prophets of former times – and through them to convince also the other people that the scriptures and predictions of the prophets were not invented like the scriptures and predictions of the teachers of false gods.

151,3. However, the whole human race on this Earth will still need more than 2.000 years to turn to a purer light.

151,4. You know that after the flood of Noah the few people, who were left over, walked for a rather long time on a better way of light. But they were again soon attracted by the world and its matter wherein the actual Satan is. And already during the time of Abraham the godlessness of the people was considerably advanced. Count all those judgments with which I very painfully and sharply visited such nations.

151,5. How long were such judgments effective? Generally 3 to 4 generations at the most. And after that it was like before, and even much worse. A Sodom and Gomorrah, a Babylon and a Nineveh could now almost be considered as a paradise compared to Jerusalem, compared to many other cities of the former Promised Land and also compared to many cities of the pagans.

151,6. Also over all these cities will soon come one judgment after another, but their effect will be the same as with the former judgments. Many people will better their lives for a certain time, will repent and do penance, but when they will feel, earthly speaking, to be in an excellent situation, then soon laziness will come up again with them, and the smart ones will let themselves be served by the less smart ones for all kinds of false rewards.

151,7. And once people will have reached that point, the darkening of their mind will start again among them. The sun of life will go down, and the full night will come up in triumph at the opposite side, and then once more it will take a long time before it will dawn again.

151,8. And now you can, My dear innkeeper and friend, be satisfied for yourself and your whole house with what I have told you now about men’s present condition.

151,9. At some good opportunity you also can tell it to your trustworthy friends, and exhort them to be patient and to persevere in My name. And you also can assure them of My love and mercy, and that soon things will become lighter and better among many Jews as well as among the gentiles.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-151 Chapter