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Earthquakes, Sinkholes & Earth Cracks… Jesus explains their Cause - September 27th, 1840

The Lord says...

1. There are yet still many phenomenons in nature, be it large or small, of which none of the so called nature scholars have ever dreamt of.

2. To those phenomenons belong the magnet of the north pole, the northern lights, the lightning, the so called quick figments, like the shooting stars, the tiny clouds in the bluest of skies, the crystal formations, the tides of the ocean, the vibrations of the earth, a longer quaking of the same, as well as the massive earthquakes, which, as you can deduce by many examples and experiences, can more often than not completely devastate an entire region within a few seconds. To those occurrences belong also the landslides, large slumpings, occasionally even the subsidence of entire mountains and islands, as well as the splitting of the earth, the absence of wellsprings, the drying up of the wells, the massive receding of the oceans, and during such occasions many times the spewing of smoke and fire from the crusts of the earth. There are countless other such phenomenons, which partly have already been observed, but others have not yet been seen by anyone.

3. But of all the just mentioned extraordinary und unbelievable phenomenons, I only want to elucidate the earthquakes, the vibrations and earth tremors a little closer today, as well as eluminate other things related to them.

4. The so called earthquake is not something that just so happens on its own, instead, it is only a reaction of a seismic shock originating on some loose point of the earth, which is caused through the following circumstances…

5. Deep in the innermost constructs of the earth exist, just like within the body of an animal, some sort of bowels, and as said before, through all parts of the earth, right to its very core, countless hordes of fallen spirits are bound everywhere, and to each of them is given a certain period of time for their revival, according to My Order. Now, when on a certain spot of the earth some human race becomes a bit too sensual and material, so that at their death their spirits do not pass over into the eternal (spirit) life, but instead return again into the death of matter, then these exact spirits once again return into the depth of the earth and they are bound again just as before they were born.

6. Look, when this continues for a long time, then such a point within the earth becomes eventually overloaded. Those spirits then, in their evil desires, start to rub and ignite. By doing so, they also awaken those dormant spirits, who have not yet been born into a human life. Those smash their small cages, and then, in their offended zeal, they set off as mighty pillars of fire against the other spirits, wanting to destroy them. Those spirits – having already been born, but also fallen again – ignite themselves even more, since they believe that such a fire would come forth directly from Me as the so called hellfire, to punish them. Then, they are ignited by their anger against Me and they want to destroy and annihilate Me together with all the angels and heaven.

7. When such things start to happen, then I immediately send a peacemaking, calming angel to them. He opens the gates of some large, subterranean water basin. Then, guided by the angel, the water plunges instantaneously towards that enraged point of the earth.

8. When the water with its peace spirits reaches such a point, they step outside their slight encasement, ignite themselves against such an evil gang, and chastise them with the fire of peace.

9. The water itself dissolves into the well-known vapors, which, through such an abrupt expansion with the help of its spirits triggers such tremendous vibrations, that such a point, situated directly atop such a location – be it mountains, cities, markets or villages – will be shaken and whirled around like chaff.

10. Thereby ermerge new chasms and crevices within the earth, which often reach way up to the surface of the earth, into which the unborn nature spirits, united with the peaceful water spirits, will be guided by the angel for their further education. The evil, fallen spirits however, those who were born already, stay calmed behind in the mudhole, that came into being by this incident.

11. Now see, this is the true reason, which is behind the occurrence of such an earthquake!

12. However, regarding the beats and vibrations, which are commonly labeled as ‘earthquakes’, they are nothing else than the necessary abrupt modulation of the earth layers on account of the opening of the gates by the hands of the angel and the plunging of the water. These layers sometimes surround such a basin, and occasionally come out of balance, when, for one, through such a higher power, the layers beneath the basin are forcibly divided up to the loose point; and secondly, through the tremendous heavy plunge of the water masses are preserved in a longer lasting tremor.

13. But regarding the trembling of the earth after such a massive quake, this is the consequence of the withdrawal of the water spirits together with the unborn spirits, back into the various newly formed chasms and crevices of the earth. Because for this reason, the earth was created, to hold within its bowels a fallen race of spirits, that they might eventually resurge into a free, eternal life in and out of Me.

14. As long as there exists such a rebellious human race somewhere on the earth, so long will these phenomenons occur all the more frequently, the more sensual and God forgetting any human race on the face of the earth becomes.

15. Look, you can clearly see how all of this is true, when you look across the face of the earth and observe such occurrences every now and then, in the entire horror of their raging size. For example, the destruction of Lisbon, the ones on the island of Jamaica, as well as the ones around the mountain of Ararat (1840!), which have taken place in the exact same way as described above, and which have even reached you a few weeks ago, and not only insignificant traces. Even America has clearly felt the repeated quakes, which were caused as follows…

16. When a continual layer of stone or earth extends underground towards such a loose point, such a quake will be propagated over a long distance, in the same way as if you attach many poles to each other, laying them onto an extensive area in a straight line. Then, when you exert a mighty push on point A of these poles, said push will travel to point B, where the poles end, and the push can be felt there at the same time it happened. In this way such an earth tremor can be felt very far away, almost at the same time.

17. Even though such perceptions are natural consequences, they should not just be looked at as such. Instead, if they were counterproductive, you could assume, that it would be a little thing for Me to prevent them. But because they are useful, out of My wisdom and love, they are rather sent as warning messengers to such places, where people know as much about Me as the trees in a forest know. Such envoys then tell those people who have forgotten God, that I haven’t died yet, but rather still exist in all My Might and Strength. Since it requires only the smallest hint from Me, the same thing – as it happened to the region of Ararat – can also happen to such forewarned regions of the earth.

18. For look, at a depth of barely 120,000 feet, here and there only 12,000 feet, your land, which is called Styria, is subverted through and through with large and very deep basins of water. And so, your mountains as well as the small lowlands rest swimming, so to speak, on the surface of these underground waters, and here and there they are connected with the inner earth through masses of stone, like tall pillars.

19. Therefore, not much more forgetfulness of My Being is needed, than it is already the case – and you can rest assured that I am also well capable of demonstrating to you the same grand elementary spectacle. However, I say… Woe to the people, whom I am forced to haunt with such occurrences! Those will probably have to wait for a second creation until they are, again, granted another free probational life!

20. Now look, as these events occur according to My eternal Counsel, in the same way not even a single droplet falls from the clouds, which has not first been thought of in My Love! And believe Me, when, like yesterday, I send down such a rain to earth from the higher meadows of the emerging life out of Me, through the regions of light, the preservation of the entire earth, yes of the whole universe, basically depends on the very first drop, which barely wetted a grain of sand.

21. Here you will surely say that all of this is almost improbable. But I tell you… If that droplet had not wetted that exact grain of sand at just the right moment, the bound and wroth spirit within that grain would have shattered the grain, and by doing so would have awakened all the spirits surrounding him, to a similar reaction, and those again their neighbors, and so on up until the very last speck of dust on earth. And you can completely rest assured, that the very next second, the entire earth would have gone up in destructive flames and smoke. The way this grain of sand had awakened another to its destruction, in the same way, one earth would wake up another earth, and a sun would awake another sun, and so forth until infinity. All this would happen in almost one and the same moment, exactly as if you had thought of a heap of the cursed gunpowder, and if someone would only ignite one single grain, even if that heap would have the size of the earth, all grains would catch fire almost at the same time.

22. However, what would happen, if said gunpowder grain would first be wetted by such a droplet before being exposed to the fire? – What will happen, when the small spark comes upon the wetted grain? – The wetted grain will not catch fire, and thus the rest of the heap will be secured and saved from destruction.

23. See, nothing you look at, depends on a so called happenstance, not even the movement of a sun dust particle – for everything has been carefully calculated and measured by Me from all eternity. And if it would be possible for a human being, or even for an angel spirit, to make a little change within it all, and My eternal care would for only one moment not be attentive, you would experience, what kind of cataclysm would occur from an untidy turn of only one sun dust particle.

24. But I tell you… The mass centre of a central sun in its order depends intimately on the turn of one dust grain, which is not even visible for your eyes. For My order is so well calculated, and My eyes are so accurately riveted on everything, that from the very greatest to the very smallest, everything serves to preserve the other.

25. Now you will ask… Why are these gigantic water basins located beneath the mountains and plains, whereby the surface is not one moment secure from sinking down into the very deep floods of such waters? – But I say… Everything is arranged in such a way that it can endure forever, as long as the willfull wickedness of men causes no disturbances in My eternal order, which I am not allowed to prevent, since they originate from the free will of men, and because the free will of only one single human being is more important to Me, than an entire solar system with all its planets, moons and comets.

26. And if I would remove the water from these basins, tell Me, with what could I then tame and mitigate the great fire in the inner chambers of the earth?

27. Even though, such an occurrence like the one in the region of Ararat frightens you, on the other hand it is a blessing for the preservation of the whole. For if it wouldn’t happen the way it is described above, the very next moment, instead of the destruction of a small region, the entire earth would suffer a complete annihilation.

28. Therefore I am the eternal Love itself in everything, that can touch your eyes and ears. As once the world came into being from the compassion of My love, so it exists within My love, and thus it will, eventually, very gently be dissolved again in My love. – And even as the wrath of My Divinity is the visible substance of matter, it is still calmed by My love, as long as My order deems it necessary.

29. And so you can rest assured, that if some place, among one million people, only one person exists, that has recognized Me in their love, then this place will remain stable and secure, as if its underground was thick, solid stone, even if it is only as thin as paper. Anywhere however, where among one million people not even one single person can be found, who wants to acknowledge Me as the most loving sustainer of all the worlds and all creatures, in all these places not even a diamond crust as thick as a sun will be able to prevent the annihilating necessity of My eternal order.

30. Therefore understand, if you truly love Me, you have nothing to fear, even if the earth should crumble in pieces beneath your feet! – Truly, I tell you… even atop the steaming debris of a destroyed world you would come to know that I am the Eternal Love, and a true, sole good father to those who have recognized Me in the spirit and in the truth of love in their hearts.

31. Yes, I am telling you, I want to destroy suns, and throw the debris of the world about like lightnings and ignite the whole infinity with the fire of My wrath, and yet, not one single hair of those who love Me will be singed. For I am always a loving and holy father to My children! – Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 1 HG1-48 Entry