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Do not throw your Pearls before the Swine - April 7, 1843

O Lord, you said to yours: "Do not throw the pearls before the swine!" But You, most precious Pearl, allowed yourself to be trampled by priest guys?!

The Lord says:

1. Yes, so it is in the fullest seriousness, but one must clearly distinguish here, who I am - and who the apostles and disciples are.

2. You are the Lord in your home and can do whatever you want with your treasures, and you must not explain to anyone, why you do what you think is right. But if you hire a servant for your house, will you give him the authority to do what he wants with your treasures, without even asking for your advice or sticking to your rules?! I mean, you'll only hire your servant to guard your house faithfully at all times, and to carefully prevent any thief from putting his sticky fingers on your treasure chest!

3. But if you already act this cautiously in your house, then I am certainly not acting unwise by instructing My servants not to preach My word to the swine, since it is the most living and greatest treasure of My love and mercy!

4. The point now is to know quite fundamentally, who the swine are - and also, who the thieves are. A swine stuffs everything in its stomach and uses it naturally for its nourishment. Likewise, a thief steals everything he will be able to make use of.

5. That's for sure as clear as daylight. Thus the priests are not to be regarded as swine or thieves, for they did not want My treasures. They are true murderers, but they are not to be regarded as swine and thieves of My word!

6. But there have at all times been certain wizards, magicians, false prophets, and selfish, shamefully clever and deceitful miracle workers. These could use everything for their own gain. My word, which in itself is omnipotent, would have been the best water in the mills of these swine and thieves, if they could have gotten it from somewhere. For this reason I gave My apostles the precautionary command, not to throw My pearls before such swine and thieves!

7. Such swine and thieves are nowadays all those, who make of My doctrine a mere commodity and let themselves be paid for every word of the gospel. So they will mix the words of life with their own filth to form a new miraculous and money-bearing substance out of it.

8. Contemplate all the miraculous images in the countless prayer houses built of stone, clay or wood. Are not all of them studded with My pearls? Look at all the ceremonial objects; there is not one, not even the church dust itself, that would not be enwrought and interwoven with these pearls, whereever possible! - I mean, it will hardly be necessary to tell you more about it.

9. The first apostles carefully followed this commandment; but with the ever-increasing distribution of My word it was impossible to prevent, that swine and thieves would enter My large vineyard on the wide and open earth. So the commandment in itself has always been followed.

10. But since swine and thieves are also living creatures, who also have their own free will, they were very well able to enter the large vineyard as well and commit an unseemly robbery! Therefore, they only possess what they have stolen and robbed - but not what would have been given to them.

11. That's why what they have is dead and does not benefit them for life, rather only for death, because they stick their hands disingenuously into My bowl. Whoever possesses the pearl and has not received it from Me in a living manner, but from somewhere else, is a thief, a robber and a swine. Even a millstone in the depth of the sea would be better for these than such a pearl! For they will not escape their judge, whom they carry within themselves.

12. But whoever has learned it from Me, the Father, and has the Word vividly, possesses it rightously. Yet even he has to keep in mind, that he does not throw it before the swine! This is how it is to be understood, and so you too should understand it, My son. Amen.

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