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182,1. During the three days the three visited the other four brothers, who were still sick and laid up in an inn; for the spirit of Abel had chastised them a little because they had let themselves be beguiled by Lamech's maids.

182,2. The three had known that I would let the four be chastised a little; but they did not know through whom.

182,3. Since Kisehel soon turned to Me in this matter, I promptly opened his inner vision and he saw the spirit of Abel and, bowing down before him, asked him: "Brother from the heavens, how much longer do you have to hold the four poor brothers thus?"

182,4. And Abel answered Kisehel: "Until the specter of flesh will disappear from their hearts.

182,5. "Look, here you see their opened hearts. Do you see the crowd of fat, naked harlots dwelling in the chambers which ought to be consecrated only to the love of God, and how the brothers' spirit feasts its eyes on them fondling their flesh?

182,6. "Look, this must be cast out; only then will my rod stop.

182,7. "So you may quite seriously admonish them and show them how matters stand with them but you must not mention my name."

182,8. Thereupon Kisehel asked the spirit of Abel: "Listen, you beloved brother from the heavens! What hope do you hold out for Lamech? For I believe he will never have a thorough change of heart; however, if he should, would this not be a mock conversion rather than the proper and completely true, innermost one?"

182,9. But Abel said to Kisehel: "Dear brother! Do not worry about the end of the matter but act patiently in keeping with the, to you, well-known will of God, and everything will go well and unfailingly reach the proper conclusion.

182,10. "You, however, need above all patience; if you have this in the proper measure, everything will come easily to you.

182,11. "So do not watch how Lamech turns and twists, but look at all times closely at the pull of the divine will within you and act, as hitherto, strictly in accordance with it, and you are going anyway the straightest, shortest road of love and justice.

182,12. "Whether the obdurate Lamech has a change of heart today, tomorrow or only in one or several years, should be immaterial to you, -- for this is solely the Lord's domain; for His ways are unfathomable and His counsels inscrutable.

182,13. "As for us, we do everything right if only we fulfill His will and love Him, the most loving, holiest Father, above all.

182,14. "So be quite unconcerned as to the end effect of your mission to Lamech; do according to God's will, but all else lay into the almighty hands of Him Who for this office always reveals to you His most holy will, and everything will come to a good end.

182,15. "Look at me! Do you think it bothers me when these your brothers are going to recover? Oh by no means! For my love for them is quite convinced that the supremely and infinitely wise, holy Father did not choose an ineffective remedy.

182,16. “Therefore, my task consists in faithfully delivering it and then scrupulously giving it to the needy; all else lies in the hand of the Father.

182,17. "Thus, patience is what we need above all; whoever has this in his heart will see the fruits of his works, whereas the impatient one not seldom destroys more in a moment than he previously built up in ten years.

182,18. When a mother sees her children's love for one or the other expedient, sublime and beautiful thing but her heart is impatient and annoyed because the children cannot at once grasp what they cherish with a noble longing in their hearts, - tell me, what will become of the inner development of the children as time goes by? What of their spirit?

182,19. “The children will become angry and begin secretly to despise their impatient mother, regarding her always as a stumbling-block which in their hearts they will dodge wherever possible.

182,20. "Behold, since with the inner development of her children a mother needs above all patience, without which she will only bring up slaves and servants instead of loving and noble people, how much more of the holy patience out of the Father we must possess if we, as His road-signs, are not to obstruct the road to those we are meant to lead, but instead lead them to the eternally living goal.

182,21. “Thus also you, my dear brother, have much patience in this your important office and do not be like a foolish mother who would rather see her children crush stones than occupy themselves with what is of benefit to their hearts, - and your work will surely be crowned.

182,22. "Receive the blessing of my heart in the name of our holy Father. Amen."

182,23. Here Abel became again invisible to Kisehel, who engraved these words deeply into his heart conveying them also to the other brothers without telling them where they really came from.

182,24. And they all rejoiced and honoured Me from the bottom of their hearts, and the four soon became better; for, having heard from Kisehel's mouth among other things also these words, they soon cleansed their hearts from the flesh and recovered in My grace and mercy, got up and with the others left the poor inn.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-182 Chapter