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201,1. And Kisehel bent down, lifted Lamech and Thubalkain from the ground and said to them: "Brothers, why do you prostrate yourselves before us? Are we better than you? Or are we not mutual brothers?

201,2. "Oh look, in future we should no longer do this; for only to God alone are due all gratitude, honor, humility and all our love.

201,3. "If we want to be true children of one and the same Father, we must hold each other in like esteem not expecting our brothers to bow to us; let our mutual esteem consist in that we love each other as true brothers out of our love for God.

201,4. "What is above or below this, likewise is not within God's order and thus a sin.

201,5. "You can see it from the example of a man to whom all other men show a profound respect though he is not a jot better than they.

201,6. What will soon be the effect on him of such general reverence?

201,7. "Look, soon he will begin to think of himself as more and better than those according him such respect, and he will become proud, arrogant and, finally, even tyrannical! No longer content with the respect of his considerable following, he will invade other regions with this crowd foolishly devoted to him and with his devoted fools force the people there to submit to him, maltreating and even killing those who refuse to do so.

201,8. "Indeed, such a man will go as far as forcing the devoted, respectful brothers to pay him a considerable part of the fruits of their labor as a tribute to their foolish respect!

201,9. "In this way, kings and worldly rulers will rise in all cruelty and will crush to death their brothers, who were foolish enough, maybe because of some special talent, initially to accord them more respect than was due to them in the divine order.

201,10. "Thus we shall give to God what is His, and to the fellowman what is due to him!

201,11. "Honor, respect, humility, glory, praise, gratitude, love and adoration on our part are due to God alone; but we are all brothers and shall therefore love each other no more and no less than each loves himself For therein lies the all-regulating and -equalizing beam of balance, namely, that we deal with one another as we deal with ourselves.

201,12. 'Wherever one deviates from this straight line, also the divine eternal order is bent and easily broken when man offers to man what is due to God alone.

201,13. "And wherever this happens, also the seed is sown from which all disaster will come over the whole earth.

201,14. "For truly, I tell you, no other sin but this one will be punished already on earth as direly as has often been the case under your rule!

201,15. "So, dear brothers, let us introduce quite a different royal rule. In this kingdom the king will be a guide and teacher to his brothers, by no means a lord and ruler.

201,16. "Such a king will be according to God's order and will have no need of worldly might, but the might and power of divine love, wisdom and order will dwell in his spirit, and out of the spirit he will be able to easily and mightily lead his brothers into all that is good and true.

201,17. "So heed this well and do not prostrate yourselves before us or anyone else of your or our like, and you will be a blessing to the people; likewise, let no one prostrate himself before you, and you will be blessing the peoples.

201,18. Now let us proceed to the dining-hall; for the meal is quite ready.

201,19. "Do not think of the temptation, but be full of cheer, for the victor shall rejoice in his victory but not be sad about it

201,20. "So let us go. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-201 Chapter