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29,1. Thereupon Enoch thanked Abedam in his innermost and, stretching out his hands, spoke the following words:

29,2. "Listen you, serene air! Bid your spirits and winds assemble over these region heavy clouds so that through a great downpour the fire may be quenched and extinguished; and there must be no end to your work in the name of Jehovah until the last spark has died down! Amen."

29,3. And as soon as Enoch had said Amen, lo and behold, masses upon masses of the heaviest clouds assembled pouring down in a mighty rain over the whole wide region of the conflagration.

29,4. But above the clouds it was light so that one could look beyond and observe on the surface of the clouds a strong whirl, like the coils of a great serpent.

29,5. And the whirl came closer and closer and turned out to be Satan. He immediately assumed a luminous form and, taking up a position in front of Abedam, asked Him:

29,6. "What have You to do in my territory? Have You forgotten what time of grace You gave me?

29,7. "So go away and let me riot unhindered in this my territory; for I, not You, am the lord and master of this creation!"

29,8. But Abedam said to him: "Satan, this far, and no further! If you transgress this sacred boundary between Me and you, you shall be judged and forcibly recognize Who is Lord and God from Eternities of eternities.

29,9. "Now get yourself behind Me and recognize why you have been given this time of grace! Amen."

29,10. And Satan, uttering a frightful howl, fell down into the depth, all aflame.

29,11. Thereupon Abedam said: "Behold, the fire is extinguished and the evil-doers are put to, flight; so let us move from here in peace.

29,12. "But for the time being Adam shall not be told this. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-29 Chapter