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67,1. And immediately after these words Abedam summoned Purhal and asked him as He had asked the others:

67,2. "Purhal, behold, now it is your turn in the great order! So you, too, tell us what you saw, felt and perceived within you, - but without fear and shyness; for we are not gathered here to fear, but alone to love one another.

67,3. „Therefore, be without fear and boldly tell us what you have experienced during the short time of your inner vision. Amen."

67,4. This encouraged the otherwise a little timid Purhal so that he lost all his fear and became conscious of strength within so that, had he been told, he would have taken on all the lions, tigers, hyenas and leviathans.

67,5. However, well knowing what he was expected to do with this new strength, he began forthwith to relate faithfully all that he had found, seen, felt and well perceived. And these were his words:

67,6. "O You my above all holy Father, full of supreme, infinite love! You almighty, eternal, great God; You all-powerful Lord and most wise Master in all things of the great infinity!

67,7. "Behold, prior to me almost each one of those before me has come up with some humble excuse for not daring to talk of that which he had seen within, well knowing - as well as I and surely each one of us - that before You also our most secret thoughts are revealed more dearly than even the sun itself before me on the brightest day.

67,8. "So behold, You most holy, most loving Father, I will be an exception in this respect, will not mince matters and talk straight from the heart:.

67,9. "For, like all the others, I know that all I have seen and heard stems alone from You and, therefore, that You will surely know Your work through and through.

67,10. "Should an apple tree bear no fruit because You - and even I - well know what its fruits will look like?

67,11. "I think to demand or even believe this would surely be folly.

67,12. „Therefore, I will without shyness and fear at once deal out the fruits which You, O most holy, most loving Father, laid with life and spirit into my otherwise so poor heart.

67,13. "But this is what I saw, felt and well perceived:

67,14. "At first I jumped from one thought to the next thinking to and fro: 'So you shall look into your heart and observe all the things found there?

67,15. „Good if that were possible; but now, - this is now a totally different question!'

67,16. '„Then again I thought: 'Patience, have patience; for He Who demands this from you will surely, if it be His holy will, show you the way either openly or secretly in spirit.

67,17. „If it is not His will, it will surely be His will for you to remain what you are and always have been: A poor, blind wretch:

67,18. "But in the midst of my ruminations suddenly there was a very loud report; and at once the earth disappeared under my feet and I floated in the center of an eternal night where I saw nothing, not even the slightest trace of myself, being hardly capable of saying to myself: 'So this is what my heart looks like within?

67,19. “O You holy Father, look down on me in Your mercy and call me back; for in this night I must perish!'

67,20. "But no sooner had I finished this thought than a second mighty detonation occurred, - and instantly I saw in all directions great flames rise upward from the endless depths; and only in the bright light of these flames did I perceive that this former night was the night of my own heart, the flames arising upon the second detonation being nothing but my own love, which until then had been fast asleep.

67,21. "But now there was still another detonation -- even more frightful than the previous two times.

67,22. „Thereupon the flames went out through the rising of a sun, oh a sun which in the whole of infinity surely does not ever have its likes!

67,23. "In the light of this sun everything took on substance. The flames of my love became beings looking like myself and there seemed to be no end to their number. And all these beings moved in my direction and fully united with me; but in this merging I was seized by such an ecstasy of joy that now I could not compare it with anything.

67,24. "This merging did not last long; for soon of all the beings I alone as a human was left. Instead I perceived many voices, as coming from within me, sounding glorious like the morning songs of joyful shepherds; and the voices sounded like a word, as follows:

67,25. „Behold, I am All in all, and all is in Me and out of Me! But you are in My likeness; therefore, recognize yourself, who you are, and Who your Father, God and Creator is!'

67,26. "After these words it became again night in me, and out of this night I soon came again up, or down, to the earth.

67,27. "This is all I saw, felt and perceived. Holy Father, here I am bringing it to You for a sacrifice; receive it graciously, - Your holy will! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-67 Chapter