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8,1. After this, Abedam summoned Sethlahem, Kisehel, six brothers and two sons of Kisehel, who, like their father, were full of zeal, of an ardent spirit and full of knowledge of all sorts of things; in all, there were now ten men standing before Abedam.

8,2. When they reached Him, they fell on their faces and loudly glorified and praised His most holy name of Jehovah.

8,3. When Abedam saw that their hearts had found satisfaction He bade them rise and said to them: "Listen, you men from the midday! What I shall now reveal to you, do it without delay on the day indicated by Me to your spirit.

8,4. "This is what My love and mercy demand of your free will, namely, that you decide to go down to the city of Hanoch, where you will meet people who no longer know anything of Me, living with each other worse than dogs, cats, wolves, bears, lions, tigers, hyenas and snakes in one lot together.

8,5. "Stinking to the uppermost heaven with unchastity and the most abominable fornication, they murder each other, shedding the blood of their brothers and sisters, and do not even spare their old.

8,6. "Indeed, I tell you, their wickedness goes so far that their king, also called Lamech, not long ago declared war on Me. In his great wrath against Me he even wanted to destroy the earth with fire because I had his evil, cruel army led by Tatahar the Evil destroyed by wild animals.

8,7. "However, this is not the worst of his many outrages against Me; so just listen and understand:

8,8. "Since I allowed it that all his concubines became unfaithful to him for fear of their lives and have fled to this place, namely, among those from midnight, and also his two wives and his daughter Naeme have fled from him, he is now filled with great hatred towards Me, pondering day and night how to commit the most abominable sacrilege against Me. Everywhere he has established guards and spies who have to watch and listen to what the people do and say. He had a hole made in the earth, half filled it with filth and, writing My name on a stone slab smeared with filth, cursed the slab and threw it before the eyes of many into the said hole amidst abominable blasphemies. Then he ordered the lowest slaves to defecate on it and, finally, to cover the hole with soil cursed by him.

8,9. "Immediately after that he proclaimed himself the sale supreme God and under threat of a most painful death ordered everyone to worship him.

8,10. "And the guards and spies must now painstakingly see to it that My name is no longer mentioned by anyone. Whoever did this would have to expect a most horrible death;

8,11. "He forbade the slaves to talk at all, threatening the one thus caught with the immediate tearing out of his tongue; in case communication became necessary among them they were expected to roar like animals.

8,12. "Also they must not, like he, walk on two feet but, like the animals, on all fours, on hands and feet. Only during work were they allowed to stand upright.

8,13. "Nor were these slaves allowed to copulate. Woe betides him who would be caught with a woman! He could expect the most disgraceful mutilations.

8,14. "For this reason he has had thousands of slave women and their daughters executed.

8,15. "Behold, this is how matters stand in the lowlands! - Yet beside the city of Hanoch there are ten more great cities, which are all subject to this My greatest enemy, and in none of them are conditions any better than in the city of Hanoch.

8,16. "Besides, look and hear: The blood of the poor calls to Me for revenge. Therefore, I am showing mercy to them and want to send you down as avengers and liberators of this people. Yet you must kill no one, not even Lamech, but proclaim to all freely and openly My name and My wrath and the impending judgment of the latter, unless they promptly turn to My name in the most severe penitence and contrition over all their misdeeds.

8,17. "Make Lamech himself uncover the said hole, remove the slab with My name on it, clean it with pure water and only then wash it with his tears of repentance.

8,18. "If he should refuse to do this, use your power and let one plague after another come over him, until such time when he will do your bidding.

8,19. "Abolish all superiority, including his, so that all shall be equal as brothers and sisters, and appoint only the wisest among the common people as future leaders. However, do not ever let them occupy the royal palaces, for they shall live in the simplest and most lowly huts.

8,20. "When you see that they are capable and suitable as leaders and supervisors, lay your hands on their foreheads and shoulders, thereby bestowing on them the necessary power.

8,21. "Once you are there, fear no one and do not be dazzled by the great splendor and opulence of these cities; for all these cities are now down there and will at all times be works of the serpent. Therefore, do not let yourselves be enticed by any splendor but be, as My prophets, outwardly stern, earnest and relentless towards these peoples, yet inwardly all the more filled with true love for the fellowman and brother.

8,22. "But you must not stay there; as soon as you have put everything in order, return to your homeland and do not return without the most pressing reasons to the lowlands.

8,23. "Before you return from the lowlands, wash your whole body so as not to bring death also to these parts; for the lowlands have become full of the plague and of death.

8,24. "And now receive My blessing, and be steadfast, strong, mighty and powerful in all things, for as long as you will be acting according to My words!

8,25. "The whole of nature shall obey your command and the birds of the air be subject to your word; likewise the fire, the air, the water, as well as all the animals and all evil and dark powers.

8,26. "But do beware of doing any harm to anyone, - on the contrary, strive to help everyone.

8,27. "The obstinate you may punish, yet not to inflict punishment, but for his betterment.

8,28. "Take good heed of all this in My name! Amen.

8,29. "My blessing be with and within you. Amen, Amen, Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-8 Chapter