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95,1. After this very comforting and instructive speech of Abedam, Seth was immensely strengthened and thanked Abedam from every fiber of his being for this indescribable grace.

95,2. Filled with such laudable gratitude, he ascended the summit together with Abedam.

95,3. When they had reached the summit, the rising sun sent its first rays to the heads of the mountains and, thus, also of our hallowed height.

95,4. But Adam was quickly ready and asked the high Abedam: "Holy Father, behold, should we not sing the usual hymn to the sun which for such a long time on each fine morning has edified and quickened me?"

95,5. Hereupon Abedam promptly asked Adam, saying: "Adam, do you still not know Me? Tell Me, whom do you want to honor with your hymn to the sun?

95,6. "Certainly not Me; for if you intended that, what good should the silly hymn to the sun be since I am still visibly walking among you without asking anyone to bawl a greeting to the sun before Me? What I expect of you, you all know already.

95,7. "If you want to practice idolatry with the sun in My visible presence, you are free to do so if it seems to you to be more than I am; only here I ask you again:

95,8. "If in this My visible presence you want, or are willing, to do this, what a spirit will be passed on to all your later descendants?

95,9. "Is it maybe not enough that they all have through you inherited physical death permanently? Do you want to add to this also the permanent death of the spirit?

95,10. "Behold, you old fool, am I not more than the sun which I, whenever I wish, can destroy with the slightest whiff, creating in its stead a thousand others in an instant?

95,11. "What, then, is the purpose of your old folly?

95,12. "So that you may nevertheless for once realize, despite your engrained foolishness, how far your folly goes, look up now, you old fool, and pick for Me from among the many thousands of suns which are now in the heavens the one to which you wanted a song bawled."

95,13. Here, Adam and all the children were terrified; for in an instant the firmament was studded with a thousand times thousand suns which all looked completely alike.

95,14. And all the children, quite dazed by the tremendous light, fell down to the ground and entreated Abedam to graciously remove these many suns since no one would be able to live under such a massive light.

95,15. Adam, too, now realized his great foolishness and, falling down quite dazed and half-blind, asked My forgiveness for his great foolishness, full of contrition.

95,16. But Abedam told them all to rise again and then said to Adam: "Rise, and atone for your foolishness with a permanently weak sight, which will stay with you for as long as you live.

95,17. "But you, My dear brother in love, Seth, hid the suns disappear except one, which shall remain in its old order. Amen."

95,18. And Seth, praising Me, promptly lifted up his arms and said in the sight of all: "In the name of Him Who walks among us and Who is a Lord over all things and creatures, I tell you: He, the Lord God Zebaoth, wills you to disappear except one, which is the old one and has always illumined the earth!"

95,19. As soon as Seth had spoken these words, all the many suns went out save the old one, and everyone praised the Lord for this grace and mercy.

95,20. But Adam, noticing that he could no longer see clearly in the distance but had become shortsighted, became very sad and began to weep since he could no longer take in all his children at a glance.

95,21. But Abedam said to him: "Do not be too fond of the light of the flesh and of the light of the world; for too much light, both of the flesh and of the world, blinds the spirit. "For it is better to have a blind flesh rather than a blind spirit

95,23. "Do strive in your heart that your spirit become seeing through the true love and humility, and you will easily do without the light of the flesh.

95,24. "For I did this to you now so that you might exercise patience and not fall a victim to him who today awakened you through his evil sun.

95,25. "Besides, it is better to view the children at close range rather than from a distance; for this, the eye of your flesh is still sufficient, and so you may well be contented. Amen.

95,26. "And now, you children all, strengthen yourselves with food and drink; it has already been blessed by Me.

95,27. "But you, My most beloved brother Seth, look after your old procreator.

95,28. "And in the same order in which we partook of the evening meal yesterday let us partake of this morning meal. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-95 Chapter