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Chapter 10 - John 1:11 / 19:22 - “He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him.” / “Pilate answered: What I have written, I have written!”

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 8th, 1844

1. You can choose another text, just like you did before. Choose whatever you want!

2. “He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him.” - "Pilate answered... What I have written, I have written!"

3. The texts are good and chosen appropriately and they describe the matter already at its first glance - as you would say - it hits the nail on the head.

4. Who came to His own and His own received Him not? - Who the 'He' is, is hopefully known, His own are the people and how they should be in the order I created them, namely acting with love towards their sisters and brethren, and full of earnest Love towards God, their Creator.

5. "But His own did not receive Him." - His own are the ones, whom He had taught from the beginning, and He constantly sent teachers and prophets to them, and He had guided them wonderfully.

6. Why did they not receive Him? - Because He taught them the true path of active Love, leading to eternal life; but His own were friends of sloth, friends of good living and friends of domination and splendor, and this does not correspond with the Teaching of humility and active love.

7. They said... "We have Moses and the prophets, which we read; what else do we need? What do we need from You? You who dishonors the Sabbath and disregard Moses and the prophets, by not keeping their constitutions?! Is it not enough that we read and study the scriptures and write long explanations about them? What other 'God worthy activity' do you want us to do?

8. Is God not a spirit, whose being we should not imagine as a picture?! How should we honor and praise Him more worthy, than to continually read His word from start to finish - which He spoke through Moses and the prophets - and then explain it to ourselves and to others, so that God's Will can be grasped more clearly?!

9. What do You make of Yourself? - We have Abraham as our father and we also have Moses and the prophets; are you more than those?! What do you want to teach us, what others didn't already teach?!

10. What is man's deed of love before God? - It is nothing but a conceited thought! Man can do nothing; because in God alone dwells all vigor. Therefore You are a false teacher, and a false prophet and You are an agitator!

11. We know the scripture from alpha to omega; is that not enough activity?! Or should we not study the scriptures and thereby disregard the sacred gift, which God, the Lord of hosts, has given us through Moses and the prophets?!

12. You're one, who resists the Divine Will and yet impersonate yourself as a teacher and prophet of God! Is it not written, that every false prophet and wizard should be punished with a fiery death?!

13. This common carpenter's son, who barely knows how to read, and also can hardly write his own name, presumes to impose on us ancient scribes a teaching, which opposes the spirit of Moses straight ahead!

14. Behold, these are a lot of objections, according to which the one, who had come to His own, was not received by His own.

15. Why? - Because His own, just like it is written, did not recognize Him.

16. But why did they not recognize Him? - Because they did only memorize the Word, but they were never doers of God's Word!

17. In the same way, I continually come to My own; but My own do not want to receive and recognize Me, that it truly is Me!

18. Why do they not want that? - Because in the best case, they rather read and listen as well as staring at My works, than doing a little deed according to My Word! Therefore, the spirit within My own, which is the heart, will not become alive and not recognize Me, because My own do not want to receive Me in a living way.

19. But I say... All these scribes will say one day... 'Lord! Lord! We have prophesied, preached and taught in Your name out of Your words!'

20. But I will say to them... "Depart from Me - I never knew you! Whoever hired you as teachers and wise ones, go back to them, so you will receive your reward! I indeed came to you and I knocked at the door of My own. But none of you said... 'Come in, and revive our spirit, so that we wish to become active and vigorous according to Your Word! You were satisfied with the treasures of your head, but you have left My barn in your heart empty, and you have forfeited all of My possession within you. Therefore, you may cry 'Lord! Lord!' now as much as you want, but I still cannot recognize you. Because I recognize My own on account of Myself within them. But you do not have any possession of Me within you; therefore I also cannot recognize you!

21. Pilate has acknowledged Me in the same way; he tacked the testimony of his confession above the shamefully killed one, while he whipped the living one before and nailed him to the cross. His confession is written, namely above the head of the Crucified, as a testimony for all those, who carry the confession of God in their heads, but not in their hearts. Above their foreheads it is clearly written... 'Jesus, Nazarene, rex Judaeorum' and they insist on this inscription, which says as much as... 'Lord! Lord!'. But there is no inscription in their heart, which would like to say... 'O Lord, be merciful and compassionate to me, I am a poor sinner!' 'Our Father' is in the head, but 'Dear Father' is not in the heart!

22. Pilate insisted on his inscription and did not want to add any other; for he said to himself... 'What is written, is written!' Why did he not honor the living one as he did the dead one?

23. That's the reason why all scholars rather remain with the justifications of their head, and with the dead worship, which follows, than to respond to the slightest living deed of true love! They are shifty ones, who believe, or rather are of the opinion that... 'If there is something to it, we do not want to get in its way by our creed; but if there is nothing to it, we have lost nothing either! Because if we honor that, which should be, we win if it is so, and we lose nothing, if it is not!

24. Pilate thought the same... 'If the Crucified is a supreme being, I testified my honor to him; but if he is not, I am also justified; because in that case, my inscription serves as an official lampoon (insult), in which everybody can see, for what reason he was crucified!'

25. Do you think that the first reason is valid for Me, if the second is not correct anyway? - I tell you, this will certainly be the case with those, who call to Me 'Lord! Lord!', they will not be heard, recognized and accepted by Me! For the confession of the head will not bring anyone one bit closer to eternal life, for whoever wants to come to Me, must first receive Me through the living love, and his own love for Me will tell Him that I am and come to him and give him eternal life.

26. But no one can love that, which does not exist; but he may establish different phantoms in his head about everything, that is non-existent, and therefore also of Myself. But I'm not there, and no one will ever find Me there and he will never reach the living conviction of Me and of eternal life, for I am hanging there, dead, below the inscription of pilate!

27. Only those, who are doers of My Word, will find at My grave the Resurrected and eternally Living One, because they were looking for the dead one with the flame of their heart!

28. I mean, this should also be very clear again. And therefore soon again another central sun!

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-10 Chapter