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Chapter 12 - Acts 27:24 - „Do not be afraid, Paul! ...“

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 10th, 1844

1. Just write down whatever you have!

2. And the angel of God said: Do not be afraid, Paul! You must be put before the emperor; and look, God has given you everyone, who is with you in the ship!”

3. You have chosen another text - albeit this time no central sun, but rather only a minor sun; because the central suns are only those in the Prophets and the four Evangelists, in so far they only describe the four Gospels. What you find apart from that is more a certain historic occasion and concerns less the general public, but rather that certain sphere, in which this historic incident occured.

4. And so the chosen text, although spoken by an angel, was a message sent to Paul, by whom its meaning appears to be completed, and is therefore, as you can easily grasp, not a central sun, but only a minor or planetary sun.

5. Nevertheless, it contains something spiritual within, and with that, a radiance around it; because there is a big difference, if an angel speaks or acts out of the Lord, or if The Lord Himself speaks or acts out of Himself.

6. It was necessary to remind you of this in advance, so that you may be able to appreciate and distinguish the Lord's Words and Actions from the words and actions of the angels and apostles. And since you now know these things, we want to see... what and how much of a general light of this mentioned text is there for our cause!

7. Do not be afraid, Paul" says the angel, "because you have to be presented to the Emperor," which says as much as: "You as a doer of Gods Word, do not be afraid, for the Lord wants, that the world recognizes you in your deeds! And if the world recognizes you, it will follow you!" And in this discipleship is the promised endowment of those men who are in the ship with Paul, for this means, that these men, just like Paul, are not just hearers, but rather will become doers of God's Word.

8. It is clearly visible from this brief presentation, that the Lord did not want Paul to think, that he was to be presented to the emperor as a famous speaker or an actor, or that the Lord gave him the men of his ship crew, so that Paul should transform them into a group of actors and speakers, which - under his supervision - were to present themselves before the emperor of rome.

9. The Lord did not give Paul his ship companions for any worldly purpose, and he surely did not make them Paul's slaves, but rather the gift existed therein, that the Lord warmed the hearts of the ship companions through a newly kindled fire of love, whereby they started to understand the short teaching of Paul, and soon thereafter, they started to act accordingly.

10. The Lord's gift to Paul consisted in the living discipleship of his companions, which followed Paul's example. So Paul did not have to be presented to the emperor as a philosopher or speaker, but as one, doing good deeds, namely under the testimony of the ship crew, which was saved from certain doom by Paul's energetic wisdom, for the good of rome and the emperor.

11. From this you can clearly see, that with Me it's not about a lot of words nor about all sorts of ceremonial spectacles, in order to reach the true light, but only to act, according to My Word. For, if it was about a lot of words, the angel that was sent to Paul, could have been talking for at least 3 days, but he only spoke a few things, and then Paul did a lot with it. And this was the better way, as if the angel would have said a lot to Paul, but Paul thereafter would have only done a little.

12. With Me, things are not the same as with your worldly advocates, which write a lot and also talk a lot, and once a lot has been written down and talked about, the deed, that follows out of it all, will not at all be profitable for the client.

13. And it's also not the same with Me and your preachers, who always stand on the pulpit for a complete hour and scream down all sorts of stuff, but once the sermon is finished, they go down from the pulpit and do not act according to what they just preached, and nine-tenths of the audience leave the house of prayer, without even remembering only 3 words of the whole sermon, and one tenth of the audience, who did remember a few things, say at the end... 'He preached pretty nice again today'!

14. However, if a poor man asks for a little handout, after leaving the house of prayer, he gets as a fruit of such a beautiful sermon only a small copper coin, if things go well, and more often than not, the giver has to pull it out of his pocket with a troublesome effort, which is filled with so many other, better coins, or the addressed one says to the poor begger... “God help! Another time, maybe, because today, I do not have anything small with me!”

15. See, from this real life example it is very obvious, how shameful small and minor the deed is, that follows after such a good preached sermon! Wouldn't it be better if the sermon would only contain a few words, after which the preacher himself would precede with an actual sermon as example for his listeners like Paul did, which would encourage his listeners to do the same, so that I could once say to the preacher... “Look, the ones you see in this house, I have given to you, for you have made them to become doers of My Word by your actions!

16. It is certainly written, that good deeds shall be done in secret. That is correct and true. If it is only about support, then the deed shall remain hidden; but if the deed is supposed to be a teaching, then its light shall not be hidden under a bushel. Instead, it is necessary that Paul was presented to the emperor! And whoever teaches through a deed, those, who have been awakened by his deed, shall also be given to him.

17. So if one talks somebody into doing a good deed, more often than not, this deed will be the only one they'll do; and if a second one should be done, one must again, talk them into it with a very long speech - whereof you can find the most meaningful examples in all those invocations for charity.

18. So if some privileged barker makes an invocation for charity on account of an authoritative request in some newspaper, many people will do something, so that their names might be made known in that newspaper, and so that the authorities may take good notes of them, but nobody does anything out of true love! And once the invocation has faded, not a single person will care for the ones, the invocation was made for in the first place.

19. Should these benefactors be given to the one responsible for the invocation? - Oh no! These do not concern him more than the centre of this sun, which will burn up before its light will ever reach your earth!

20. I mean, the light of this 'minor sun' should be clear enough too; whoever uses it, will be rewarded with a central sun. - But we want to move on to another central sun, despite of this clarity!

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