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Chapter 30 - Luke 24:49 - The Promise of My Father

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 12th, 1844

1. And I will send the Promise of My Father upon you, but you are to remain in the city, until you are clothed with power from on high!

2. This verse makes openly known in its literal sense, what it carries within, and it resembles in that regard a friendly human being, who quite frankly carries his heart in his open hand towards his friends, and therefore, one cannot easily misjudge him, and everybody can see at first glance, what this friendly man is up to.

3. It's the same case with this text, as already said. Because when the son ascends, then the Promise of the Father will come in the fullness to those, who have waited in true hope and love for such a Promise.

4. But what does the ascension of the son mean, so that through that the Promise of the Father may be sent to those who wait and to the witnesses? - You know what is meant by the 'son', namely... the Wisdom of the Father. Therefore, the son corresponds with everything in every human being, that is associated with wisdom. The same goes for the intellect, prudence, all kinds of studies and insights.

5. This association of wisdom must also go through that same humiliation in each human being, it must be going through the crucifixion so to speak. Then it must be put into a new grave in the heart, seemingly dead, and from there resurrect again, and then, surrender and devote completely to the Father, ascending on high, to become one with the Father.

6. Only when this has happend, the Promise of the Father, which is the eternal life, will manifest in man's life. That is the act of rebirth.

7. But the baptism with the Spirit of Power does not take place at the same time, just like no one shall baptize a child after its birth, but at least some days later, as it was common among the Jews to do so only after eight, ten or twelve days. But sometimes, the baptism of circumcision even happened much later, and in this way it was said here to My apostles and disciples, that after My Ascension they should stay together in the city until the power from on high will come upon them.

8. This condition shall be considered by every human being and he shall not venture out until he has received the baptism of the Spirit! Because without it, the reborn spirit equals a weak child, that is as pure as an angel in every respect, but it is lacking the power at work and the necessary free insight for it!

9. You know that the bestowment with the power from on high upon the apostles and disciples occurred at the tenth day after My Ascension. What does this mean? - It conveys and testifies of the complete subjugation to the mosaic law of the ten commandments in the freed life of the spirit! herefore, the spirit must be made free from all his chains and shackles, before he can clothe himself with the Divine Power from on high.

10. Once this Power has come upon him, then he will be a completely new creature out of the spirit of love and of all its power, and only then, he can work with the full power of the Divine Love and Mercy. Only through such a baptism of the Holy Spirit from on high will the human being be freed from all his chains and shackles of death, and become one with and in Christ and is then able to say... 'I do not live anymore, but Christ lives in me! I'm not myself anymore, but Christ himself is the 'I' in myself!'

11. Therefore, the first thing to do is - as has been stated before - everything, that corresponds to the son in a human being, must walk the path of the son of man and must go his way, and this means for everybody irrevocably... 'Take your cross and follow Me. Otherwise, you will not reach the resurrection and ascension to the Father!'

12. And again, our current cause hits the nail on the head, namely, that no man can reach the rebirth and the baptism of the Holy Spirit by way of various education of his intellect with the help of well provided libraries or pretentious university professors. The only way to reach it is through humility and the great love of ones heart.

13. Everything, one has gained from the world, he must give back up to the last cent, even the knowledge of his head, which is making him arrogant - or else, it will look very slim for him regarding his rebirth and his baptism of power of his spirit.

14. Don't believe, that one will enter the kingdom of heaven immediately, even if he had given all his wealth to the poor, and would still think and say to himself... 'Lord! In the way, I was merciful, so be also merciful to me!' Whoever speaks in this way, he is still lacking a whole lot of the heavenly kingdom, because he and Christ are not yet one, but obviously two, where one is dictating the other some cheap conditions.

15. I am always the poorest among you human beings, frankly... the poorest and most meager thing in every human being is the actual life force of his heart. It must first be richly endowed, before any other endowment can have a value on the outside; or in other words, your heart must be completely alive out of love for Me. I Myself must be your complete Love; only then, out of this love, you can work true merits for the eternal life, and that is, because the merits will be assigned only to Me. You, however, will only remain mere consumers of My Love, Grace and Mercy.

16. Because as soon as somebody says... 'I have done this, and I have given that!', he is still far away from him, who says... 'I have always been a lazy and useless servant!' and he is therefore still very far away from My Kingdom. Only when he confesses within himself and says... 'Lord, My God and Father! I am nothing in everything, just like every man is nothing before You, but only You are all in all!', then he is close to My Kingdom, and My Kingdom has come close to him.

17. In the same way, you too shall heed everything, what is said to you, then you will also reach the ascencion and the baptism with the Power of My Spirit, for the Fathers Promise has also been just sent to you... Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-30 Chapter